Hi everyone. I hope you have had a good weekend. As usual I am back here to brief you on the most popular articles inEducational Technology and Mobile Learning, but before I do that let me  just inform you about the last week major event which was the release of our second ebook entitled 80 Educational  Alternatives to YouTube. The ebook has already went over 1000 downloads in just three days. Check it out if interested.

Here is the list of the popular posts of last week

  1. 80 Educational Alternatives to YouTube
  2. The Comprehensive Guide to Google`s Free tools for Teachers and Stu...
  3. Great Educational Kids Safe Websites
  4. Tips on How to Conduct a Focused Research
  5. Are Girls Really Smarter than Boys
  6. A Virtual 3D Visit to The Seven Wonders of The World
  7. Amazing Facts about Wkipedia Vs Britannica Encyclopedia
  8. 8 Awesome websites for Smart Quotations and Sayings
  9. Facts Educators Need to Know about Wikipedia

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