Diversity and disability: are teachers up for social change outside the classroom?

Session Title: Disability and diversity: are teachers up for social change outside the classroom?

Your Name: Miguel Mendoza

Work Title: EAP Teacher / Teacher trainer / Freelance ICT consultant

School or Organization Name: Universidad Central de Venezuela

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Caracas, Venezuela

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): EFL /ESL teachers

Short Session Description (one line): Disability outside the classroom

Full Session Description:

In today's society, talking about and dealing with traditionally ostracized, marginalized minority groups in the classroom have gradually become part of forums, some class materials, websites, and research. A good example is the Disabled Access Friendly website or the conference ‘Breaking the ice: addressing LGBT issues in the ESOL classroom’. In this talk, I will focus on my experience with students with disabilities outside the language classroom as part of a university support group. I will talk about why and how this group support was created and reflect about our responsibility as educators to promote social improvement, and not only to contribute to the formation of global citizens.

Websites / URLs:

DelaManoCAEDEBA . YouTube Channel. (Spanish)
CAEDEBA (Spanish)
CAEDEBA Group . Facebook  (Spanish)
CAEDEBA: Twitter.  (Spanish)

Different Abilities: Embracing and Supporting Diversity at the Univ...

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wowowowow... I love this topic my dear friend!! I'm looking forward to listening to you!!

Smiles, Maria :)

Hi María. You will be more than welcome:)

Thanks!! I only need to find out the time difference between Argentina and Venezuela. 

See you around, Maria :)


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