Dear Colleagues,

How can we all as educators use education to support peace and international understanding?


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Among Springs Alive(SPA) Divisions include Peace activism, which is done by the Peace and Conflict Division and it’s mainly upon this basis that we seek to bring to your attention some of the issues in this programme. Springs Alive has links with “Mayors for Peace” an international Organization based in Japan that is one of the lead Organizations to advocate for a “world without war”. A friend of mine based there in Japan tells me that if we could get someone with whom to develop the issue of having a peace museum in Uganda then that would be a great learning initiative which themselves would get involved to promote. He says they have introduced this issue in Kenya. Below is the link he gave me;
Now, given the several crises Uganda has gone through, is it possible to do this with you, since you also do promote such ideas? Let me know how this initiative could be supported. Other activities under the Peace and Conflict Division of SPA have seen SPA instrumental in recruiting Ugandan Mayors toward this cause for Peace activism. SPA has made news and has been read about in some of the popularly read newspapers in Japan as regards it’s cause toward Peace activism (link to these sites for example)
We have often been approached by Hiroshima Peace Media Center to make more news contributions to be published in these Japanese news papers about Peace activities but many times we find we are not well placed to do this on time, given that information gets outdated very fast. We are not well facilitated to handle these many issues logistic wise, human resource wise etc.Could there be a way we can share with you knowledge and technical learning skills on how we can improve the education of our children through such means of learning applicable in the Ugandan setting, let alone knowing more about you and what you do?
We welcome such collaboration given the fact that we stand to learn from each other very much.
Hope to hear from you soonest and for purposes of clarity please email back.
Isn't this something which should be asked at a larger forum. I guess one thing that we can do, is work on students to ensure a better tomorrow.
Dear Colleague,
I think that peace can be supported through education because education is a means by which we can ammend the behavior of learner and provide them with values of friendship,cooperation,tolerance,international understanding ,love ,.....etc.
Teachers can mix such values with the classroom's texts and make them everyday activities.

Dr.Sami A.Mohammed
Head of Department of English
College of Basic Education
Diyala University
Baquba - Diyala Province
Did Judy Jacob read Dr.Sami's comment?


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