Welcome to the eRevolution -- eSingularity is coming, education 3.0 is coming. Hold on to your hats.

I'm here to share with you a reality that is fast approaching. I believe every elearning strategic plan is worthless and that global education will be turned upside down within the next ten years. We are going to see an event that will be far greater in magnitude than the industrial revolution and that event will be ushered in by something I call the eSingularity.

Some background information... Web 2.0 has about 80% run its course. To most of us we already think of it as yesterdays news... The next gen apps currently being researched and played with are what are being called media 3.0 applications. These will usher in a completely new era for the internet. Other terms for media 3.0 are mutual media, media moshing, and my favorite media playdo.

Simple fact. Right now the technology exists to flatten global educational using a media 3.0 combo solution and EDUIT, Inc is looking to build it.

It's a rather simple idea, build an interface that all students and educators can plug into to learn and develop content. Our open source platform will not be reliant on reading and writing, a two year old will be able to use it. Read the e3.0 overview. (available on special request only)

My name is Michael J. Trout; I am the CEO and founder of EDUIT, Inc a U.S. nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington DC. Originator of eSingularity, and the self appointed dictator of the fledgling eRevolution movement ;) For the last four years I have been waiting for the technology to develop and move what we are now calling, "the eSingularity Initiative" forward. The time is now.

In comparison for 50 years Hollywood could not make the film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" because the technology wasn't in place. The software dev process they tackled it with will be a similar dev process to what we will follow.

We have established e3.0 India committee on linkedin. They are working to get India to support the idea and take it on as a possible national initiative. The plan is to present the solution to the Indian leadership in September. Who will build the solution? Britain? India? China? Who will have bragging rights that they have flattened global education? We have yet to find out, and the race may well be getting underway. We are contacting five ministers of education every day.

How will this help? Apart from the obvious providing every child in with additional access to a "no barrier learning system", and providing teachers with a tool that will greatly enhance student learning. The solution will also put an end to the age old question is IT infrastructure important. Currently it is a heated debate as was seen in the Reboot Britain conference. With e3.0 in place all of a sudden, infrastructure equals immediate access to education. All over the world infrastructure will mean access to education. Communities will want the infrastructure and will pay for it so they can get the free education. A tangible result for the investment. The reality is an eSingularity event is going to happen within the next ten years as Media 3.0 replaces web 2.0. The question is, do we want Google or Microsoft rolling out with it or do we want to start working on the solution now and invite their participation? This is not some simple start-up one can do in ones garage; it is going to take the support of government and key institutions.

I will say it again. Nothing technologically is stopping us from flattening global education. We have the content, 50 years of television content that can be sliced apart like Swiss cheese and meta tagged for general consumption. We have the computing power, bandwidth, and code to do it. It’s just a matter of sitting down and getting down to business.

I look forward to hearing back from members of this forum.

Want to join the eRevolution and change education and ultimately the world? I am looking for leaders to join the cause and play a role in bringing eSingularity to pass. Here is what to do:

1. join thelinkedin e3.0 group over 90 companies are already there -- MS, TI and other leading education institutions.

2. Follow @EDUITorg on twitter, read the #e3o threat. When I founded the Southern Shakespeare Festival as an undergrad at FSU I regretted one thing. I left one trail on how I did it. And many people after the fact ask "How did you do it?!" No one really knows the amount of work it takes to start something from scratch. Twitter is my trail of crumbs. eSingularity will happen and you can sit back and watch it come together reading #e3o.

3. Tell others. My personal mantra is "To say the world is to invoke that thing into being." We are invoking the eSingularity into being and it will come to pass. I have absolutely no doubt in my heart and mind eSingularity will happen. My passion and determination is unyielding -- listen to me talk about it.

Thank you

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lol no comments... wow. Doesn't surprise me actually--the "Bishops" of western education have spoken. As you all pretend that what I wrote is imaginary you might want to take note that India nor China are not. I am pretty sure the west will awaken to a e-Sputnik that will shake western education to its core. Keep an eye on the eRevolution Movement fan site http://bit.ly/f5u3U the eRevolution officially started no Friday, July 31 2009 -- sincerely the eSingularity prophet :p Its Coming...

Youtube videos -- http://bit.ly/2lOEil

Linkedin e3.0 Group -- http://bit.ly/YkEsq

e3.0 India committee -- http://bit.ly/rDjAl

India Prospectus -- http://bit.ly/17fnBl

China Prospectus -- http://bit.ly/18qafg

Twitter -- @EDUITorg, History #e3o you can read play-by-play account of what been going on. I'm keeping a very public record for a number of reason.
College for $99 a Month -- The war on institutionalized education has begun.

We have also started the eRevolution Movement on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/EDUITorg
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another indication of the price war... All education will be free in less than 10 yrs.
Education has already taken the path of freedom with free online universities which are being launched. I think this is going to be a great change which we shall see in the next coming years.
Judy, would you be willing to check out the course I am creating and perhaps use it in the group of kids you are mentoring? ahaafoundation.org or just google my name. I want there to be a place called great courses so that teachers can get the help they need as they do curriculum. I want history teachers to include art and perhaps they will if I make a place for them.
Wow!. Michael J. Trout. You are a very interesting man. I am currently working with students and teachers around the world on collaborative projects. I guess you could say that while you are theorizing e3.0 teachers are out there in the trenches slowly making it happen. But we need dreamers and visonaries. You are so right when you talk about all the work it takes to make something occur. I spent hundreds of ours sending emails out all over the world, looking for people to work with me. And the physical barriers that face us are enormous. When I was in Bangladesh I was trying to teach my students back in Colorado using Skype. The city of Dhaka has 5 power outages a day. It was very frustating trying to flatten out education. But good luck. I would like to work with you in my own little way.
Hi Jack, I wrote this a while back and am looking to push for the creation of autonomous learning software solutions that will allow smart phones within the next 10 year to provide anyone a 8th grade basic education in math, science and language arts. Education will be mobile driven in Asia. Especially with 4G coming right around the corner. I am relocating to DC from Japan where for the last 5 years I have been a teacher testing cutting edge solutions with Japanese students that have access to connectivity to better understand what others will have access too within the next 10 years and what we need to innovate. Here is an update to my work @EDUITorg: Interview with Michael J. Trout–founder of foundups.com http://bit.ly/aaCIIL I am trying to bring the parts together so that teachers and schools no longer are requirements for basic education but accessories for it. It's the only viable solution for Asia and Africa. We are establishing the Autonomous Learning Institute and ill be looking to set up the eSingularity prize for for the creation and innovation of AL solutions. Apple bought Siri and I am hoping they are listening to my evangelical cords about turning the iphone into the 1st simple autonomous learning device with the Siri software -- which wouldn't be too hard to do.
Thanks Michael. I will research your work and give you my thoughts. For some reason I feel like I finally found some one that understands what I have been thinking since I sold my Apple 2e. Please puy me in your loop. I hope to be traveling to Kyrgyzstan this summer. but that will not stop me from collaborating with you.
Hi Michael. I was looking over your plans for improving education in India. I like the idea of creating new categories so that more teachers can be added. When I was in Bangaldesh I sugested that the government pay for the education of teachers. In return, teachers would work for 5-6 years, being housed in government housing and fed with government food stamps. Their utilities would be paid for too. As we mulled around that idea another problem exposed itself. There is not enough money in Bangladesh to pay for the physical expansion of educational facilities. Even if they could get more teachers they cannot afford more space. What are your thoughts on that?
Jack Strelec
thanks, I appreciate your interest and support. Let me know if I can be of any assistance in what you are doing.
Hi Michael. The teachers that I am working with In Bangladesh like your idea espoused in India about traing more teachers. They would like to know if you had any thoughts on how to add more space for classrooms?
Jack Stelec


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