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El aprendizaje integrado de la Segunda Lengua (L2): realidades y desafíos.

...young children learning L2 are one of the fatest growing segments

of the global population.

Kan & Kohnert, 2005, pág.380

(en Enhancing learning of children from diverse languages…


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El resaltador de aciertos .Una propuesta pedagogica ,poderosa ,positiva que valoriza los esfuerzos y no solo el resultado"

"El resaltador de aciertos, muestra a los niños  lo que son capaces de aprender , ilumina sus logros  y muestra sus fortalezas .

El resaltador de aciertos  es una propuesta  positiva que valoriza los esfuerzos y no solo el resultado"



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La Educación Especial en la Educación Media en el Uruguay

La educación especial, léase con formato integración/inclusión en el Uruguay es absolutamente deficiente  y los pasos para lograr superar el formato “reparativo” médico son lentos y sin una planificación acorde.

Por nuestras similitudes culturales con los españoles, buscaremos mostrar la diferencia positiva a favor de este modelo, aún cuando resta mucho por lograr, por lo menos existe un “modelo” a desarrollar. Los países latinoamericanos, y en especial del MERCOSUR, son muy similares a…


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"There comes a point in our lives when we begin to look back at times that have been," thought the spider. "When I was young, nobody felt that rain could be so much fun. It was a thing unheard of. Today we see these little ones bravely play in the heavy showers. Oh, how things have changed! And yet they're thankless ... they think life has always been the same ... if only they knew how long and tough this journey has been ... 

"It was a fine morning that Tony and I stepped out to go…


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Poetry can be liberating ...

I have always been intrigued by the use of poetry in education, especially those Science and Mathematics poems that can get even the most uncooperative students to engage in learning. I will try writing some for those subject areas some other time. But for now, I have written these for my own classroom:  


A Fairy’s Tale

Once a fairy got  herself new wings

She was told that they…


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Changing the way we teach!

I had this one coming for a long time but it took a while to materialise. For those who are reading it I would like you to especially share with me information that is similar to this that I am writing about. Someone once asked me if I knew anyother organisation or writer who has actually created anything similar to this and since I don't know any, so I told him just that. But, by being here, I hope to find people with simialr interests and knowledge ... so thank you, in advance and…


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