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An online degree: the future of education right now?

Back in the 50s, the symbols of the future were writ large.

They were huge bulking flying cars, glistening metropolises, bustling military bases on the moon and space stations large enough to rival football stadiums. As the major superpowers tried to dominate land and space, they needed expansive items to fill it.

It’s funny, then, that we’re now obsessed with tiny phones, laptops as small as thimbles and entire worlds accessed through a mere Ethernet cable.…


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Best Tech Tools for Middle School Students

With every new term you start at school, you have new needs and obstacles that require the use of fresh technology tools, gadgets and apps. There is always a solution no matter how serious the problem seems at first, so you should always try to clear your head and find the right tool to use.…


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The Future Of Football Education

A healthy education in involves a healthy lifestyle and it is widely accepted that schools could be doing more to encourage sport, a healthier lifestyle, and within physical education lessons, to educate the young on the theory that makes them better at the sport they are playing. Simply, giving young people the ball, basic training and then letting them run wild is somewhat short cited. Sports such as football give young people in education a balanced lifestyle and support their learning,…


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Taking the help of maths tutoring to solve your problems

In mathematics, there are a lot of problems, which you need to solve. So, there is a definitive understanding that without the appropriate guidance, and having an intellect that can actually reflect your needs to solve a particular problem at the earliest, you will not be able to do so. So, you would…


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1D0-635 - CIW Certification Exam

1D0-635 CIW JavaScript Specialist statistics

The CIW certifications have become popular among the individuals who are willing to work in the IT industry. The 1D0-635 CIW JavaScript specialist course has enabled the developers to work with the features of JavaScript language, designing the client side, the platform-independent solutions. The special web development skills would help you to begin with your career and enhance your abilities while working with the advanced technologies…


Added by Kathrine on September 23, 2014 at 10:00pm — No Comments

School is Reaping the Benefits of Brain Training

Dr. Sarah Cassidy from RaiseYourIQ was recently invited to Confey College to address all teaching and ancillary staff to update them on the results of the school deployment of SMART brain training to-date. Confey College was the first second level education school to use SMART brain training on a whole school basis. SMART training was initially rolled out to four student groups (122 students) and will now be rolled out to the remaining 28 student groups comprising approximately another 700…


Added by Brian Connell on September 9, 2014 at 9:01am — No Comments

Thinking About Attending Art School: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Choosing whether or not to attend art school is much like the decision to attend any higher education institution. It's a deeply important and personal decision that should never be made lightly. However, art school offers its own unique set of challenges and opportunities that should be closely…


Added by Tom Clark on August 1, 2014 at 4:08am — 1 Comment

Educational Changes Bring Big Improvements, Gove Reports

Recently released league tables show that government changes to the educational system are beginning to have an impact, according to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education. And the impact is positive, says Gove, who addressed journalists and commentators with news of figures demonstrating that fewer children are being taught in under-performing schools in the secondary sector. Opposition to the coalition government’s educational changes remains, however, and commentators claim that…


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Diversity Is Not Politically Correctness

Inclusive Schools Week

This year my school celebrated National Inclusive Schools Week, but in a slightly different way. The opportunity presented itself to have our yearly Heritage Day and Inclusive Schools Week at the same time. The decision, to include Heritage Day in the mix with Inclusive Schools Week, proved to be a challenge but ultimately a good…


Added by Tim Villegas on December 6, 2013 at 6:23am — No Comments

5 Reasons to Go for Technology in Education



It is no more a secret that technology has already played a great role in the global education sector. So much so, that the schools are now using electronic…


Added by Jan Felton on November 19, 2013 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

Passionate Learners - Giving Our Classroom Back to Our Students Starting: Interview with Pernille Ripp

Today, we had the privilege of catching up with Pernille Ripp, an award winning teacher and blogger. If you missed her #RSCON4…


Added by Shelly Sanchez Terrell on October 26, 2013 at 8:30am — No Comments

Using how we learned our first language to learn subsequent languages

What can we  learn from the infants experience?

Maybe you have thought about the question – “Why is it that nearly all infants, barring the very few with some chemical or physical issue, learn to speak their mother tongue(s) to the level of their peers and only a few years later these figures get reversed?” That is very few children once they go to school ever learn a subsequent language to any level of decent…


Added by Andrew Weiler on October 12, 2013 at 5:00am — No Comments

La Educación Especial en la Educación Media en el Uruguay

La educación especial, léase con formato integración/inclusión en el Uruguay es absolutamente deficiente  y los pasos para lograr superar el formato “reparativo” médico son lentos y sin una planificación acorde.

Por nuestras similitudes culturales con los españoles, buscaremos mostrar la diferencia positiva a favor de este modelo, aún cuando resta mucho por lograr, por lo menos existe un “modelo” a desarrollar. Los países latinoamericanos, y en especial del MERCOSUR, son muy similares a…


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