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Why It Makes Sense to Be Teaching Kids How to Build Websites in School

Kids have been learning the same skills and techniques in schools for many decades now. Once in a while there will be an overhaul of the curriculum, but it seems the same general studies continue to be the focus. Of course, making sure kids are prepared to enter the workforce when they finish their schooling career should be a priority, which means arming them with real-life marketable and useable skills. 

With much of today’s focus being on a digital world where so many…


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Apps Helping Raise Kid’s School Productivity

In a few months, all kids will come back to school and parents keep up asking how to help them in their school performance. So here’s an overview of the most effective, helpful, and free apps to raise kids’ school productivity. The list is based on 2 main characteristics: time and skills effectiveness, which means kids spend more time for school and, in the meantime, acquire new skills useful for it. 

ClassDojo is a great tool bonding students,…


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4 Tips For Finding The Right School For Your Child

Every parent knows that finding the right school for their child is of utmost importance. Ideally the school your child goes to will help them to grow and learn, while opening up a world of opportunities for…


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Should We Mandate Financial Education for High Schoolers?

Financial management is a common challenge for many adults, and the reality is that most adults never receive formal education in school about any money-related topics. This includes everything from how to balance a checkbook and how investments work to what a loan is and how to…


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Why Do High School Transcripts Matter for Homeschoolers?

Schools are required by state and federal law to operate in a certain manner for the protection and benefit of the students.  This includes providing students and parents with progress reports, official report cards and transcripts for the high school program.  It is this basic information that also allows students to move from one…


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Guide to choosing a Nursery in South Croydon that offers free places

If you're a parent in the South Croydon area, you will be aware of the challenge in finding free nursery school places.

You deserve the best for your child, which undoubtedly means a private day nursery, but it's a struggle to find one offering free nursery hours.

Here we list a few tips to find free nursery for 3 year olds in South Croydon

Look for free nursery hours

Start by searching online using important…


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Student Information Systems Guarantee Improved Academic Experience. Learn Why

In today’s digital era, technology provides unlimited opportunities for students to improve their academic performance. Student informations system is one such…


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How School Software Can Enhance Learning In Education Industry?

School software has grown in popularity in the past decade. Many schools have proved successful with the right kind of school automation software. Administrators are now able to…


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Advantages of Homeschooling

In today’s high tech world, where we are incomplete without the internet, there is another benefit it has recently offered to us. As things are becoming easier, the added assistance that it has offered for children is to relieve them from the hectic task of going to schools every day. The service of online home schools has revolutionized the field of education. Most of the online learning classes have been researched and tested and proven to be comfortable for the students. They can learn…


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4 Ways to Incorporate Private Education in Your Budget

Signing up your children into a private school is always a good idea.

In private schools, there is usually less students in a class and every child is treated as an individual. But the cost of private schools may sometimes present a problem, especially to the families who do not have that much income.

However, there are many ways that can help your private school to become a more affordable cost. All you have to do is put some effort and research in it. We have singled a couple…


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Do not want to study or problems at school

Time flies very quickly, and life is full of hassles. New school year brings additional responsibility to parents. Often every…


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Children rogue: psychological work with the problem

Each team has a popular children and not very popular. There are children active, sociable, and there are quiet loners. Some were satisfied with a secondary…


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Top tips on creating that perfect school website

Having a presence online for your school is essential in today’s modern world and there are many benefits to school websites. One of the main advantages to having a website for your school is that it saves your establishment time and money - but there are many more. A website can become a central hub, drawing teachers, students and parents together.

Aspects of a website

The school website typically offers a wealth of additional information about the school,…


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Book the best school medieval workshop and teach history topics easily

Many schools in the UK support students to become skilled at almost every subject in each academic year.  On the other hand, history teachers in all UK schools get much difficulty to teach the subject to kids who do not aware about everything associated with a few decades before.  If you have geared up to enhance your way for teaching each topic in history and make your students comfortable to learn, then you can have a preference on the school…


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School Rejection & What You Can Do About It

Competition over school places is growing massively, with more and more parents finding themselves vying for shrinking postcode catchment areas. On top of this, where children are able to apply for a school,…


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My Introduction into Teaching goes Massive

I'm doing a MOOC on

Good course

This is one of the assignments about expressive story telling

My Introduction into Teaching goes Massive

This time I never expected what I was getting myself into.

There I was stuck in the middle of a multi media classroom surrounded by over 300 5 to 6 year-old students

When I got…


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Online Learning: Bridging The Distance Between The Learner And Learning

Online distance learning courses have proved to be boon for millions. However, still there are many who are still either blank or sceptical about the benefits of online learning. Possibly that could be one reason which holds the individual back while others continue to advance towards professional and personal growth. Risk to overlook the potential and advantages e-learning might impact your growth. But why proponents of online education continuously emphasise on taking it? It's Flexible,…


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The Reasons to Learn English in Dublin

Learning a different language in a foreign place can be a daunting idea. This will force any person outside of their comfort zone. Nevertheless, learning different languages is a great education. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The people who get this chance are always grateful that it happened to them. Out of all the languages, learning English can be a great asset to any student. One of the best places to get this chance is in the beautiful city of Dublin. The three main reasons…


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