Awesome design but it’s not SEO friendly. What do I do?

In this day and age, websites are not only used to pass on information but are also used to do activities such shopping and even paying bills. Although having a visually appealing website is key in attracting your target market, it is important for the site to be SEO friendly as well. Finding the balance between these two features is usually the trick behind many of the successful websites that you see online. It is therefore important to choose a web designer that is able to optimize the site for SEO so that you can establish a strong online presence. In most cases, websites that are SEO friendly are constantly displayed on the first page of search engines resulting in increased website traffic and even sales.

To make a website design more SEO friendly, there are a number of changes must be done on the site by your web designer. Some of the changes may look small but they have a huge impact on the visibility of the website on a variety of search engines. Some of the simplest ways of turning an awesome web design into an SEO friendly site are:

SEO friendly URL

The URL of a website is its identity and should be easily understood by humans as well as spiders that crawl websites before ranking them on search engines. It is advisable for keywords to be part of the URL for easier identification by search engines. Therefore, it is vital for the URL structure to complement the theme as well as content of the website.

Proper use of keywords

Most web designers consider the content to be placed on the site when developing the website for businesses. However, for the site to be considered SEO friendly, the content should have suitable keywords sprinkled all over it. These keywords should be well thought out and can even be generated using tools such as Google Ad words that help in the selection of proper keywords. Even so, it is important to maintain a good balance of keywords so that the content still remains relevant.

Use optimized images

Images and videos are one of the best ways to introduce SEO into your web design as most online users are attracted to them when browsing through sites. Also search engines take images into consideration when ranking sites thus making it crucial to have them optimized on the site. Most times, images that are properly optimized will increase the ranking of the website on search engines resulting in increased traffic.

Use of internal links

To make it easier for online users to engage with your website on a regular basis, it is important that the content is easy to read from one page to another. Using clickable links on the text displayed on the site makes it easier for visitors to easily find their way through the site resulting in better SEO.

In general, when working on a website design, it is important to integrate SEO at the initial stages to create a well balanced website.  

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