EMC Cloud-Architect E05-001‎ ism v3 questions

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Share some Cloud Architect E05-001 exam questions and answers below.
What is an accurate statement about a logical volume in a compute system? 
A. Can span across multiple physical volumes 
B. Can only be created from a single physical volume 
C. Must be created across multiple volume groups 
D. Allows multiple file systems to run concurrently 
Answer: A

Which process groups multiple physical drives and presents them to a compute system as a single logical volume? 
A. Concatenation 
B. Partitioning 
C. Striping 
D. Orchestration 
Answer: A

Which product provides an integrated IT infrastructure solution for data center deployment by combining IT resources into a single package? 
A. VCE Vblock 
D. VMware vCloud 
Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about a data lake? 
A. Stores data as an exact or near-exact copy of the source format 
B. Supports query and analysis by classifying and organizing data before storing 
C. Stores current and historical data in a structured format on object-based storage 
D. Provides a single consistent view of data across an organization for report generation 
Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about a hybrid cloud? 
A. Supports data and application portability for load balancing between clouds 
B. Allows organizations with common concerns to share the cost of deploying the cloud 
C. Enables the entire cloud infrastructure to be controlled by the consumer¡¯s IT staff 
D. Allows an organization to outsource the implementation of a private cloud to a cloud provider 
Answer: A

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