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Share some Network Appliance NCDA Certification NS0-158 exam questions and answers below.
You have created a storage virtual machine named SVM1 with a NetBIOS name of FILES1 and you have successfully joined the Active Directory domain. You have created a CIFS share called SHARE1 and have given read/write access to all users. Network connectivity has been verified.
To which path should the users be mapping?
Answer: B

A customer wants to use jumbo frames on an interface group called a0a. Interface group a0a contains ports e0c and e0d. Additionally, the customer is using VLAN tagging for VLANs 510 and 520. VLAN 510 will use jumbo frames but VLAN 520 will not. When the customer tries to enable jumbo frames on a0a-510 the command fails.
What caused the failure?
A. The MTU size must be set on the broadcast domain to which the ports belong.
B. The LIF corresponding with VLAN 510 is not configured for jumbo frames.
C. Ports e0c and e0d have conflicting MTU sizes configured.
D. Jumbo frames must be enabled from the advanced privilege set.
Answer: A

A customer wants to use FlashCache but does not want to lose the information stored in the FlashCache card when a takeover occurs in a high-availability solution.
What should the customer do to make sure this feature is enabled?
A. Confirm that the aggregates using the FlashCache card are configured appropriately.
B. Set the option to rewarm the FlashCache in both nodes of the HA pair.
C. Verify that the FlashCache card is located in the appropriate slot in the NetApp controller.
D. Verify that the FlashCache card has been configured only on the node where the feature is required.
Answer: B

In the storage failover command, what does the bypass-optimization option do?
A. It takes over the partner node without performing aggregate relocation.
B. It migrates all logical interfaces during takeover.
C. It takes over without migrating all logical interfaces.
D. It takes over the partner node performing aggregate relocation.
Answer: A

An administrator creates an account for a new user, and wants this user to have limited capabilities accessing SSH. The administrator defined the account, but the user still has full control.
Which two settings would the administrator use to correct this problem? (Choose two.)
A. the user account settings in OnCommand system Manager
B. the user account settings of the admin account
C. the user account settings in Windows Active Directory Users and Computers
D. the user account settings in the clustershell
Answer: A,D

You have multiple volumes that are exported to a group of hosts within your environment. A new host needs access to the volumes.
Which two actions accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. Mount the new exports from the host.
B. Create a new SVM.
C. Create a rule in the export policy on the SVM.
D. Create a new data LIF on the SVM.
Answer: A,C

Clustered Data ONTAP supports which three versions of NFS? (Choose three.)
A. NFSv4.1
B. NFSv4
C. NFSv3
D. NFSv2
E. NFSv1
Answer: A,B,C

You create a 150 GB thick-provisioned volume. In that volume, you create a 50 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled. You create another 50 GB LUN with space-reserve disabled. Before any data is written to either LUN or a Snapshot is taken, how much space will be available in the volume for additional LUNs?
A. 150 GB
B. 100 GB
C. 75 GB
D. 50 GB
Answer: B

You notice your indirect I/O performance between nodes in your 4-node cluster is slowing down from prior week. Each node has two 10 GB connections to the cluster interconnect, one to each switch. You are using four out of 12 available ports on each cluster interconnect switch. Your cluster network utilization is over 80%.
What should you do to increase cluster interconnect performance?
A. Change the SFP+ from 10 Gb to 16 Gb on each node and switch.
B. Add two more cluster interconnect connections per node.
C. Add additional ISLs between the two cluster interconnect switches.
D. Change the cable from TwinAx to optical with SFP+ for better throughput.
Answer: B

An administrator is working with an application group to resolve a performance problem within the environment. They are experiencing slow read speeds and are trying to determine what could be done to improve performance.
What would you add to the system to improve performance?
B. FlashCache
D. processors
Answer: B

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