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Share some Oracle Database 1Z0-061 exam questions and answers below.
You need to create a table for a banking application. One of the columns in the table has the following requirements: 
1) You want a column in the table to store the duration of the credit period. 
2) The data in the column should be stored in a format such that it can be easily added and subtracted with date data type without using conversion functions. 
3) The maximum period of the credit provision in the application is 30 days. 
4) The interest has to be calculated for the number of days an individual has taken a credit for. Which data type would you use for such a column in the table? 
Answer: D

View the Exhibit and evaluate the structure and data in the CUST_STATUS table. 

You issue the following SQL statement: 

Which statement is true regarding the execution of the above query? 
A. It produces an error because the AMT_SPENT column contains a null value. 
B. It displays a bonus of 1000 for all customers whose AMT_SPENT is less than CREDIT_LIMIT. 
C. It displays a bonus of 1000 for all customers whose AMT_SPENT equals CREDIT_LIMIT, or AMT_SPENT is null. 
D. It produces an error because the TO_NUMBER function must be used to convert the result of the NULLIF function before it can be used by the NVL2 function. 
Answer: C 

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the product, component, and PDT_COMP tables. 
In product table, PDTNO is the primary key. 
In component table, COMPNO is the primary key. 
In PDT_COMP table, <pdtno, compno)="" is="" the="" primary="" key,="" pdtno="" foreign="" key="" referencing="" in="" product="" table="" and="" compno="" component="" table.="" <br="">You want to generate a report listing the product names and their corresponding component names, if the component names and product names exist. 
Evaluate the following query: 
SQL>SELECT pdtno, pdtname, compno, compname 
FROM product _____________ pdt_comp 
USING (pdtno) ____________ component USING (compno) 
WHERE compname IS NOT NULL; 
Which combination of joins used in the blanks in the above query gives the correct output? 

Answer: C

You want to create a sales table with the following column specifications and data types: 
SALESID: Number 
STOREID: Number 
ITEMID: Number 
QTY: Number, should be set to 1 when no value is specified 
SLSDATE: Date, should be set to current date when no value is specified 
PAYMENT: Characters up to 30 characters, should be set to CASH when no value is specified 
Which statement would create the table? 

A. Option A 
B. Option B 
C. Option C 
D. Option D 
Answer: B 

Which three tasks can be performed using SQL functions built into Oracle Database? 
A. Displaying a date in a nondefault format 
B. Finding the number of characters in an expression 
C. Substituting a character string in a text expression with a specified string 
D. Combining more than two columns or expressions into a single column in the output 
Answer: A,B,C

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