Today, we will provide you with another great quadcopter JJRC H26W? By now we have all gotten used to JJRC H26W’s awesome drones, one of the companies leading the low-cost quadcopter market in 2016. This is a very affordable WiFi quadcopter with good live video image quality and a decent recording camera. Control distance is an amazing 300 meters with no loss of signal.

JJRC H26W is a large FPV quadcopter, it is mainly an outdoor drone due to its size and being a bit nosy. H26W has different yaw rates fit according to pilot’s skills. The higher the yaw rate the faster and more manoeuvrable it will be. Of course higher the yaw the nosier it will be. However it is a great fit for both beginners and experts has the different yaw rates allow everyone to be able to control it. H26W is a large drone with surprisingly good agility, sometimes it even looks like a larger sport camera drone. Beware that H26W needs some minor assembly, it is ranked as Ready-to-Fly but you do have to put on the propellers and landing gear, nothing to worry about, it’s very simple.

Usually the control distance topic is one of the last subjects I discuss in drone reviews. However, I feel it is important to highlight it now. It is not surprise JJRC products have a great range, if you follow Drones Globe frequently you have surely noticed JJRC drones have the best range on the low-cost Toy Grade market. H26W is no exception, a surprisingly good 300 meters with no connection problems whatsoever, it delivers what it promises 300 meters of control range and live video transmission too. H26W might just be one of the most affordable FPV drones with such a long range. Enough range for you to lose eyesight of it, but don’t worry! It’s FPV so you can always see where it is going.

Now let’s discuss both camera and FPV, since it’s a real time video transmission quadcopter this surely is one of the characteristics you are most looking forward to read about. Let’s start with the camera. H26W includes a 2MP camera with fairly good image recording quality, expect decent quality aerial footage. The live video transmission has above average image quality when comparing to other same price FPV drones, it does have some minor ‘jello-effect’ but I’m sure you will be satisfied with the result. Besides the camera and as usual in H26 series, this drone comes with a 2-Axis Gimbal capable of tilting upward, downward, left and right, allowing pilot to acquire different angles of view. One of the reasons why H26W is fairly cheaper than other FPV drones it’s big it uses pilot’s mobile device as a FPV (real time video) monitor. H26W streams to your phone via WiFi through a free application available for both Android and iOS. The 2.4 GHz transmitter comes with a phone holder for you to safely place your device.

JJRC H26W comes with the already common features we have grown to get used to in low-cost drones. Useful features that enhance the quadcopter and make it not a ‘normal airplane’ but a true Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with fun functions. I’m talking about the 360º aerial stunt trick, Headless Mode (for easier orientation despite where drone’s front is pointing at) and One-Key Return . While Headless Mode facilitates control for both beginners and children, One-Key Return makes sure H26W will safely return to you, something which definitely comes in handy due to its large 300 meter range. Besides this features it also has cool LED lights enabling night flights.

JJRC H26W uses a 7.4 voltage 1.200 mAh lipo battery capable of powering up to 8 minutes of flight time depending on camera usage. Although it is not the best flight time of JJRC drones, if we take into consideration drone size, camera and First Person View, it is a decent flight time. Obviously if you perform flights using the camera and FPV continuously, it will drain more battery power.

Have you been looking for WiFi FPV drones at an affordable price? What did you think of our JJRC H26W or other JJRC Multirotor review? Are you considering buying one of these beauties? It surely ranks among the best FPV quadcopters within this price range. Let us know what you think on the comment section below and don’t forget to share this review with any friend looking for a large real time video transmission quadcopter.

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