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Before we learn what same day loans are, let us first get acquainted to loans and its uses. A loan is a certain amount of money borrowed from a lending source with the intentions of repaying it back within the stipulated time period. Loan repayments are often subjected to “interest” in addition to the total amount payable and which doubles with the expiration of the due date. There are many types of loans offered by many traditional banks as short term payday loans. The amount to be borrowed basically categories the type of loan applicable-can be a home loans, business loans from the current account, educational loans, car loans etc. Another key factor to applying for loans is the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria. Many lenders check the background of their customers before lending money as to make sure of their history with loan repayments.


Same Day Loans- An Insight


Life is filled with emergencies and not all the time do we find the bank accounts overflowing with money. When it’s an unexpected hospital visit or a totaled car, the money would possibly not appear magically just because you need it! In such cases, one could consider applying for short expense loans or same day loans to be sanctioned.


How Do Same Day Loans Work


Payday or same day loans are short term loans based on the borrower's background , a cheque is held for future deposit or on electrical access to the borrower’s bank account. Manually, the borrower needs to write a cheque to the bank to receive the amount. For online same day loans the borrower needs to sign over electronic access or mobile phones to the bank account to receive and repay the loans. The lenders hold the cheque until the borrower’s next payday does not arrive for the borrower to pay back to total amount to be paid back in a lump sum.


To repay a loan, the borrowers redeem the cheque by paying the loan with cash, allow the cheque to get deposited or roll the loan over for another pay period by paying the finance charge. Some lenders also offer long time same day loans in installments by requesting the officials to withdraw the money from the borrower’s bank account on each pay date. Online same day loans depend upon the state legal maximums. The average loan term being for two weeks, the finance charges result in interest rates of 400% annually.


Requirements to get a Same Day Loan


To apply for a same day loan, the customer needs to have an open bank account in a relatively stable standing, a steady source of income, age bracket of less than 60 years of age and identifications with proper documents. A lender is in no obligation to ask the borrower whether they would be able to repay the loan. Consequently, since loans are

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