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July 26-30, 2010 | August 2-6, 2010. Los Angeles, CA.

This Summer “Teen Success” is equipped and dedicated to give you the tools you need for back to school. Let’s face it, it is no mystery that vision and determination is required to solve the existing crisis in our education system. In addition to unleashing a stellar Teen Success curriculum, aligned with standards, we are committed to take it a step further. We will do this by providing a support system Teaching Teachers How To Teach - Success.

Join us as we give you the skills you need to take our teens to a new and exciting academic level. Raise the attitude of a child and you raisetheir learning capacity! This two week event will be held is Los Angeles California and “live-streamed” at designated locations throughout the U.S.

Rush bios and resumes ASAP to Events@TTHTTSuccess.info and/or sign up @ www.theteensuccess.com.

Seats are limited & the course is free if you qualify.


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