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Question: 1


Which activity includes addressing the disadvantages of ‘doing nothing’ to those stakeholders that object to the programme?


A. Analyse stakeholders

B. Sum ma rise risks

C. Carry out a health check

D. Conduct a visioning workshop


Answer: D


Question: 2


Which of the following statements about the core elements of successful communications is true?

1. Stakeholder analysis is required

2. Audit trail is established


A. Only 1 is true

B. Only 2 is true

C. Both land 2are true

D. Neither 1 or 2 is true


Answer: A


Question: 3


Which is an assurance management technique?


A. Benefits management

B. Risk management

C. Business analysis

D. Gated review


Answer: D


Question: 4


Which is the MOST likely source of uncertainties whilst transitioning to new ways of working?


A. Project development

B. Programme level

C. Operational activities

D. Strategic development


Answer: C


Question: 5


Which is a governance area of focus for the Programme Manager in consultation with other stakeholders?


A. Providing support for governance assurance reviews

B. Initiating assurance reviews of programme viability

C. Providing business intelligence for Stakeholder Profiles

D. Designing the programm’s governance arrangements


Answer: D


Question: 6


Which is a responsibility of the Senior Responsible Owner?


A. Planning and designing the programme with other stakeholders

B. Assuring the integrity of benefits profiles

C. Providing leadership, direction and priorities throughout the programme

D. Ensuring business stability during transition


Answer: C


Question: 7


Which is represented in a summary risk profile?


A. Category of risk response

B. Impact of an issue

C. Likelihood of a risk

D. Cause of a risk


Answer: C


Question: 8


Which is NOT a purpose of a Blueprint?


A. Maintain the focus on delivering the new capability

B. Provide a clear statement of the end goal of the programme

C. Maintain the programme’s focus on delivering the required transformation

D. Describe the current organization


Answer: B


Question: 9


Which of the following statements about programme dependencies is true?

1. Internal dependencies include dependencies on strategic decisions

2. Internal dependencies are likely to be linked to the scope of a corporate portfolio


A. Only 1 is true

B. Only 2 is true

C. Both land 2are true

D. Neither 1 or 2 is true


Answer: D


Question: 10


What type of cost is associated with Supporting an operational unit until new working practices become part of business as usual?


A. Project

B. Business change and transition

C. Programme management

D. Capital


Answer: B


Question: 11


Which document is used to gain an understanding of how an outcome linked to one benefit affects a different benefit?


A. Blueprint

B. Benefits Map

C. Stakeholder Profiles

D. Benefits Management Strategy


Answer: B

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