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brisbane, Australia

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Northern Shan State, Myanmar

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Pittsfield, MA, United States

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United Kingdom

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Woodbury, NJ, United States

Shirley Larry

Helena, AR, United States

fadumo salim

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Peter Gow

Dedham, MA, United States

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Cloverdale, CA, United States

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Elsie, MI, United States

Mary Hodder

New Westminster, Canada

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Spartanburg, SC, United States

Jeff Steiner

Bellefonte, PA, United States

Ravi Sharma

Gurgaon, India

Dorian Lovato

Providence, RI, United States

Miranda Haderi

Madrid, Spain

Myra Awodey

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Sheila Connelly

Gillette, NJ, United States

Liz M. Pagán Santana

Humacao, Puerto Rico

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