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I had been out of college for close to a year, and like many young graduates, I was wondering what I was going to do for employment. I was also looking for an adventure, and a chance to add some international experience to my resume. That is where my adventure began to take place.


       I wanted to try something new, go somewhere different, somewhere exciting. I got online and started searching. Eventually I hit China. “China”, I thought to myself… China had never been on my radar when it came to places I wanted to travel to, but the more research I did, the more and more I was intrigued.


       Employment was the first question that came to my mind. I needed some way to sustain myself while I was there. I did some more research and found out quickly that there were plenty of great international schools in China. I decided to send out some applications. Having a job ready and waiting would really help my decision of where to go.


       A few days later, I received an email from Aidi International School in Beijing. They wanted to have an interview with me over Skype. To make a long story short, I got the job, and a few weeks later, I was making my move to Beijing.


       I landed in Beijing and was picked up at the airport. We went directly to the school, and I was given a brief tour before being shown to my apartment. The apartment was far better than I had expected, and the Aidi campus was really beautiful.


       It didn’t take too long for me to get set up and prepared for the coming school year. The Aidi administration was really great in making sure that I had everything I needed, and my new colleagues were fantastic. They shared stories with me of just how much they enjoyed life on campus, the students, and the facilities.


       A week later I was in class and teaching. I was teaching ESL to the first and second grade students. I was surprised at just how disciplined and respectful the Aidi kids were. They were so eager to learn, and it made teaching there so fulfilling.


After the first term ended, I decided to travel around China and take that opportunity to see some more of the country. I went to Shanghai and Hong Kong, and although they were nice cities, I really preferred my time in Beijing.


The second term went by very smoothly. The weather was warming up, and everyone was excited for the coming summer. The students would be moving up a grade, and the Aidi administration asked me if I would like to continue with them in the next school year! I was thrilled. Of course I would!


The whole school year passed, and I had really come to love my new home. I had a great job, new friends, and a nice apartment. I was also looking forward to doing some travelling during the summer break, and I was excited to go back to the United States to visit my family. I also knew that I would be coming back to China to continue my newfound career with Aidi.


I thought back on my first year spent in Beijing, and with Aidi, and I couldn’t believe just how great and successful it was. It was certainly a life changing experience. I had learned so much, and was able to share so much of myself with others. I’m really looking forward to the summer vacation, but I am equally as excited for the coming school year to begin!


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Thank you for sharing your story. I wish I had been as adventurous as you when I graduated. Best of luck to you.

A wonderful experience. 

Wow, we are colleagues! I am also a teacher of Aidi International School, Aidi School in China is very good in many respects. I work and live very happy in here.


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