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Summary: If you have intention to woke in China or study in Aidi Best International School in China, this article is helpful! Aidi School sets various creative courses and I enjoy my time in working and living in Beijing Aidi School.

PE teachers are innovating traditional class-break exercise with exciting changes that are getting Grade 5 and 6 moving and more excited than ever about exercise!

I’m sure you all fondly remember the class exercises we would do in between classes when we were younger? After focusing intently on class work, having the chance to move about was a great way to get the blood moving and to keep spirits high!

The PE teachers at Aidi International School are keeping all the benefits and everything we loved about traditional class-break exercise, but upgrading them by switching things up with modern and dynamic songs that the students love. The students in Grade 5 and 6 have been moving around to popular tunes like ‘I'm All Yours’ and ‘Eye on It’ and incorporating different styles such as aerobics, dance and martial arts. By combining upbeat music that the children love, with dance moves designed to improve dexterity and focus, the class-breaks at Aidi have become a much more exciting and engaging activity for the students!

In each session, you can see how much the students are enjoying being more creative in their class-break exercises. On the playground, there were beaming smiles all round as they danced, completing challenging routines that demonstrated their ability to be flexible yet strong, and quick yet flawlessly in sync with their peers. It’s clear to see that the students are clearly benefitting from these innovative classes, not just in physical ability, but also in developing their ability to work cohesively and seamless as a team – a skill which will no doubt benefit their personal and academic development.

Students and teachers alike are benefitting from the positive environment that these class-break exercises bring to the campus – this style is novel to both parties and so together teachers and students learn in abundance and progress together. We at Aidi pride ourselves on focusing on the development of not only its students, but its teachers too and believe that by the end of this semester, these class-break exercises will provide great learning opportunities, improve the energy levels of students whilst providing great memories and bonding experiences for all who take part!


Aidi School is an educational project of cooperation between the Chinese and Australian governments. Located in Beijing, China, Aidi School provides K-12 International education and is committed to cultivating the world citizen with Chinese culture identity. 

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