Aidi Students Are Favored by World-famous Universities--How to Get An Offer from a Top University

March 28th 2017   Aidi International School

In March, most foreign universities have issued their admission results and unsurprisingly Aidi students popped up with regularity. Graduates from Aidi International High Schools: Australian High School, British High School and American High School, received offers from world-famous universities, such as Imperial College, University College London and King’s College of the G5 Group, as well as the Group of Eight.


Whereabouts of Class-2016 Graduates of Three Aidi International High Schools (as of March 28th 2017) :

Australian High School     80% of the graduates enrolled in the Group of Eight.   

British High School        73% of the graduates received offers from the top 30 universities of the UK.

American High School     83.7% of the graduates enrolled in the top 100 universities of the US.    

Some Universities Which Admitted Aidi Students: 

Imperial College                                  The University of Western Australia (UWA)

University College London (UCL)                    The University of Queensland

King's College London (KCL)                        Durham University     

The University of Edinburgh                         The University of Nottingham

The University of Manchester                        University of St Andrews         

The Australian National University (ANU)              University of Birmingham               

The University of Melbourne                         University of Liverpool

The University of Sydney                            Monash University

The University of New South Wales (UNSW)            The University of Adelaide                  



It is generally known that it’s not easy to get an offer from a world-famous university. Students who take the international college entrance examinations face competition from all over the world. Strong academic performance is one of the necessary conditions to receive an offer from a world-famous university. In addition to academic ability, famous foreign universities pay attention to the comprehensive abilities of students.

With a diversified curriculum, high-quality teaching standards and abundant resources, Aidi School helps each student find a suitable direction for development based on their own interests and goals. Teachers of Aidi High School share information on the characteristics of students who have received offers from world-famous universities this year, as well as provide help and support (offered through school) during their study and application process.


1.To define direction as soon as possible and  make proper preparations

When enrolling internationally, Aidi students need to determine the country that they want to go overseas to study at, as well as the culture that they hope to learn and experience. Through the school’s information sharing, they may earlier determine the university that they want to go to, or the specific major that they want to choose. With a clear goal, they can make efficient preparations. Aidi School holds large education exhibition activities every year, inviting foreign university admissions officers to the school to provide students with the most accurate information, like admission criteria. Students can then get a more direct understanding of the university and set goals. In addition, the school invites some professors of foreign universities to give professional lectures, giving students the opportunity to experience the teaching methods and research scope of different universities and majors in advance. This broadens their mind of the choices available and cultivates their academic interest.

1.To maintain active communication with teachers

According to the teachers at Aidi, the students who received good results performed well in class; they actively interacted with teachers in and outside of the classrom, which helps the teachers understand their level of learning, psychological state, and problem solving. When going to Grade 11, the students of Aidi British High School will choose four courses of A-level to learn; when they are in Grade 12, they will choose three beneficial courses for their applications according to the requirements of their ideal university and major. When the teachers know more about situation of the students, they can provide them with the proper guidance, and help students plan and prepare for studying abroad. Aidi School is also equipped with a team of professional counselors and a team of application specialists for the students to use. Convenient communication within the school and a study-application integration service can improve the comprehensiveness of data preparation, streamline the application process, and help students get offers from their dream universities as frequently as possible.

3. Choosing interests and working towards them

Interests can inspire those who want to succeed, and especially inspires their study.

Students of Aidi high schools can choose to study business or science on their own, and teachers believe that when students choose their own major direction, they have more freedom to research and explore knowledge related to that field. When they choose their dream university, they can focus more on working to improve their abilities in certain aspects, to meet the admission requirements. There is no shortcut to learning. When learning a language, for example, learning in a multicultural language environment is an important advantage that students of international schools have. Immersion-style language learning gives them more opportunities for language application, but a lot of effort is still needed for better academic performance in exams. For instance, a reading test requires large reserves of vocabulary. As for writing, there are many methods of improving language application and ability in writing. In addition, various kinds of activities can exercise students' abilities in communication and leadership. In such a fast-paced educational environment, having certain expectations to the future you choose will give you more power to face stress and frustration in the process.

4.Take an active part in campus activies to improve CV

In front of the foreign university admissions officers who pay attention to comprehensive ability, exam results are just a stepping-stone towards acceptance at those universities. If you want to stand out from the many students with good scores in the exams, you need to improve your CV, and standout from the rest. Aidi High Schools provide students with a variety of opportunities to do this. There are various student associations where club operation & organization experience can be gained. Students can try to cooperate with each other to plan activities, understand social responsibility, develop their own hobbies, and make like-minded friends. Monitor inauguration and student council elections give students a chance to demonstrate their leadership and confidence. Overseas study tours and communication projects open a door for students to explore world cultures. These opportunities and experiences will look great on their CV, and give them more advantages in the application process.

To get an offer from a world-famous university is just the first step for a student who wants to achieve success in the international community. Congratulations to all of those students who will open a new chapter in life and go out into to the world from Aidi.

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