An example of the use of Elluminate to teach/learn foreign languages by School Beyond the Walls educational social network...

Here is the announcement for our next Elluminate Session to learn french for beginners with videos abstracts of first sessions (except Session 3, we are creating the video-abstract for the very last session last saturday... Enjoy :) !

Heure de Paris:

Elluminate session to learn french foreign language Session 4

Pour joindre la session Elluminate cliquer sur le lien 30 minutes avant le début de la session... Il est préférable d'avoir un micro/casque et une webcam mais ce n'est pas obligatoire.
To join the Elluminate Session, click on the link 30 mn before the beginning of the session... It's better to have headphones and webcam, but you can join without...

Please, don't forget to book your seat with "Votre RSVP"
Ne pas oublier de réserver votre place avec "Votre RSVP"

Video-Abstract Session 1:

Video-Abstract Session 2:

Video-Abstract Session 2.5:

Trouvez plus de vidéos comme celle-ci sur L'Ecole Hors les Murs - School Beyond The Walls

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