EDUIT, Inc will establish the eSingularity Prize to flatten global education.  I will be promoting and talking about this during my trip to India in March to key stakeholders and organization.  EDUIT should be a "catalyst" and not the "reaction" for innovation global education.  It would be easier to raise money via international capital campaigns, grants and other efforts to promote Prize for global education that would benefit EVERY global community. For the last 9 years I been researching they technology that would be needed to develop an autonomous learning solution. In the last 3 years pretty much all the technology that would be needed has been developed and we finally have the hardware and smart phone technology too. The idea is we would run global capital campaigns using the NCDS method that has raised over $1.6 billion in funding for nonprofits. It is a system that I am very familiar with. The grants would be simple to write and we have grant writers itching to start writing. Having done quite a bit of capital campaign fundraising I know it would be a lot easier to run a global capital campaign for a prize to innovate an autonomous learning solution than to build one ourself. We could seek to model EDUIT eSingularity Prize after the XPrize and the methuselah prize. I would like to get other educational npo groups behind this and partner with us. I'm thinking why couldn't they raise the money escrow it and use the interest to build the fund, promote and pay for capital campaigns. We should seek to have every educational foundation and npo supporting the eSingularity vision for global education -- thoughts? 

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