Attending to Student Narratives: A Curriculum of Lives

Presentation Time:



Your Names: Shawn White & Cori Saas

Work Title: Special Education Teacher &
Student Support Teacher

School or Organization Name: a 9-12 secondary academy &
John Chisholm Alternate School

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: New Hampshire, U.S.A. & Saskatchewan, Canada

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Any key stakeholder in the life of a youth.

Short Session Description: An introduction to attending to and honouring students' narratives as a curriculum of lives.

Full Session Description: Students’ lives are filled with stories. Educators’ lives are filled with stories. These stories must be made visible in school spaces. Attending to students’ narratives is complex and messy work. This session begins to explore the methodology of how educators might come to honour students’ narratives in educational spaces. Honouring students’ narratives helps to honour our shared curriculum of lives.


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Sounds interesting, I hope it's at a time that I can attend (from Australia!)

Wow, this is an amazing concept and certainly something many of us may do unconsciously but would do more powerfully consciously. Really looking forward to hearing more about it.

Sam you share something really important here; there is potential for us as educators in the experience of experiencing the awareness in attending to students stories. We look forward to sharing and learning with you soon. 

Hey Shawn,
Read this post and literally went OOOoooo ooo. Totally interested and invested in this idea and topic! Want to learn more!!



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