Hello virtual colleagues :-)

A while ago, whilst working on a social networking / learning project, I came across an interesting
sounding term: Collaborative
[link to one of my pages].

It sounded an interesting concept and I contributed a few ideas (to the above page).
However, the more I searched for concrete examples in "collaborative
intelligence" the more convinced I became that there's not a lot
happening in this area.

Does anyone have any concrete examples of exciting work taking place in collaborative intelligence?
Does anyone have a good definition of what it is?
Is it hype or something concrete?

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Hi, Adam,

I found a blog for "experts". I did not find a way to post a comment. Only "experts" can.


To my mind the question of what is a collaborative intelligence is a question which translates into who can give a correct answer to a stated problem.
The Group-Think collaborative intelligence can be an expert intelligence.

I am thinking of a model, where there would be a panel discussion with Dynamic flow chart produced by the "experts" , all accessible to the public.
Crowd sourcing goes against the idea of having experts. Here's a great article that addresses all those issues (including collective intelligence) by Peter Nicholson, former President and CEO of the Council of Canadian Academies. www.scienceadvice.ca/.../peter_nicholson-information_rich_and_atten...
Hi, Mitchi,
Thank you for the great article.Quoting Peter Nicholson:
"We are all being swamped by a glut of information that cries out for
authoritative analysis and summary
. So there’s a dilemma of who to turn to. Increasingly the answer is –to ourselves, of course.
Peter Nicholson calls himself a“broker of intellectual authority”.The shift of intellectual authority from the expert to the crowd many of whom are quite expert in their own right. All the peer-produced knowledge of the crowd – some of it wise, much of it not".
I was not aware of MIT’s Centre for Collective Intelligence and the Centre for Open Innovation at Berkeley.Were you?
"While awaiting the great syntheses that someday may be achieved by millions of linked minds,
with fingertip access to the world’s codified knowledge but with a vast spectrum of different perspectives" we are discussing a Collective Intelligence.
Ha that's a good find Nellie

MIT's Collective Intelligence projects cover the ideas I'm interested in: MIT projects.
Hi Mitchi

Do you have the full link [without the ...]? Thanks.


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