Evening all here, this is the argumentative essay written by Zaina, Yemen Rose, Huda and Imran which is an alternative essay for the first written by Nada Sara and Imen because that essay was not counted. So for tonight revision, before you start it please read the instruction below step by step:


 -Read the second argumentative essay on the topic of “ These days, Social Networks such as facebook are becoming the most powerful social media and social networking site for online learning communities among university students.


-After reading the essay and getting the clear picture of the topic, ideas and information provided by the writers, now read, understand and answer the instructor’s guiding questions that will be posted in the group one by one and these questions will guide to revise the essay in terms of four important areas: 1-content of the essay, 2-unity of the text, 3- language (grammar and meaning) and 4- mechanisms. 

Done by:

Zaina Natour

Yemen Rose




Social Networking has become very popular during the past few years. The nature of Social media is interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Facebook are becoming one of the most powerful social media and social networking site for online learning communities among university students. it is becoming as online learning community that that addresses the learning needs of its members by facilitating learning. 

       It is obviously that social networks become a crucial part of our life, so they become also a part of learning due to the benefit they offer. Social networks can support class activities especially in discussion because in a regular class students only have limited time, so not all the students can share their ideas and opinions but via these networks they can share and discuss any time they want , also learning through social networks create transparent atmosphere between students and teachers which help students interactive more than receive information. They provide world-class support for effective education since students can exchange their experiences and information from different universities all over the world. Using these sites for learning can save time , energy and effort as students choose their own suitable time for studying , looking for the information and asking questing in any field they need in fast and comfortable way. Therefore now days students tend to be up-to-date and these sites help them get both benefits information and connecting with others.

          Though these social networks contain a lot of entertainment and enhancement of knowledge, it is also true that there are many disadvantages in them. For example,inequality in treating students cause not all of them have the chance to use the Internet due to different reasons such as the area, the bad connection, the financial statement, etc, as well as the effort made by some might be neglected for the sake of social networks' users who can easily get the wanted information. Also, some students might use these sites to cheat and become lazy in their studying and trying to get the answers by themselves. Moreover, there is a wide spread of a dangerous phenomenon; plagiarism, through which one can steal somebody else's work, writing or creativity in a specific field. Furthermore, the classes done over these sites can not be trusted and reliable the same as traditional classes can. Not to mention the great effect on that role the class used to have and which is being left out for the sake of the social sites, Facebook mainly. Actually, the idea of using these the Internet for hours is the most common reason why people think they are of a negative effect on students' learning, one can spend like half of his day time while all he really needs is not more than few minutes. Finally, the health effects are to be highlighted as an alarm for Internet and social sites addicted users, as it was stated that it the long-term use may lead to a weakness in their bodies, eyesight, and muscles due to long sitting in front of the computers, starring at the screen for hours, neglecting their daily meals and normal lives.

       In conclusion,it would be right to say that these networks have become very important in many fields of our life especially for education.These networks provide us knowledge n entertainment which has become like drug for us.Its advantages are more than its disadvantages so it is good for us n for our coming generation.

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What you have said about the Internet is also present in traditional life except for geography. There already are games played with computers that call for physical activity. They are popular in America in Senior Citizens' gatherings (55+ age in nursing homes or retirement communities). What you did not mention in your wonderful essay is the lack of visual discrimination that is present in conventional face-to-face communication. Unless you use Skype or similar technology, a person can remain anonymous on the Internet. I have a Master's in IT (Computer Sciences) and got both degrees online when I was past 50 years old. I talked with many students who did better online because they were never called on by teachers in traditional schools. I know people today that home school their children because of discrimination they felt when they were young. Here in America we use computers to rehearse soldiers with post traumatic stress & brain injury. To get a concept they may need to repeat 100 times. if they did this with others present they would feel inferior but the computer is comfortable.

Most apprehension (fear) of technology is because 85% of any population hates change.


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