Conferences focussing on implementing IT in k6 or k12 classrooms

Does anyone know where I can find a list of conferences focusing on 21st C learning in Europe, Middle East, or Asia over the next 12 months?

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Dear William,

Most of the conferences that I know of are in England and Dubai, They are all focused on Educational Technology and sponsored by manufacturers and suppliers.
If you like, I'll review my past emails and pass along what I can.

There is a conference pending in Cambridge, MA
There is also a partnership for 21st C learning
There is an online conference that brings topics in from all around the world. It is the There are three or four years of postings to it. There are about two weeks in the fall when it happens and there are many neat ideas on how to incorporate the use of technology into the classroom. The beauty of it is that teachers can view it in their classrooms and continue to review it as often as they wish. It's always there for them.


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