Session Title: Creative Writing and Language Teaching


Your Name: Malu Sciamarelli


Work Title: EFL Teacher


School or Organization Name: Seven Idiomas Vinhedo


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Sao Paulo, Brazil


Language in Which You Will Present: English


Target Audience(s): English Language Teacher


Short Session Description (one line): In this session, we will see the factors to consider when teaching creative writing and its benefits for learners.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

There is no doubt that writing is one of the most difficult skills for L2 learners to master. The difficulty lies not only in generating and organizing ideas, but also in translating these ideas into an intelligible text.


There are many theories about writing to consider, so planning and teaching a course in writing can be a daunting task. However, from my point of view, although theories are substantive matters, they pale into insignificance when held up to one thing: the teachers themselves and their own experience. It is the teacher who is responsible for translating all the principles into practice and should constantly and systematically record, ponder and analyze what they have done in the classroom, and use their reflective experience as a basis for improving their instructional practices.


In this session, we are going to consider together the basic stages when teaching writing. During the session I will present some activities I developed with my students that prove we need to have confidence in what is called "the wisdom of practice". In this way, the participants will be able to see the importance of teachers' experience, as they and their students learn as they work together.


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Hi Malu, I am so looking forward to this session.  :)

Hi, Marijana!
Thanks! It will be great to have you there. Looking forward to yours too.
So glad to belong to the same team, Malu! :)


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