Do we need to change our Asian education style?

Mainly in Asian countries we still use black/white board to teach students. Will that method actually helping the children to understand or just they are bi-hating and later don't remember anything. Basically I feel we need to change the education style rather doing theoretical class student need to be trained practically. We need to understand whatever they are learning need to be in their mind forever not like study today and vanish it by tomorrow.

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Dear Khushi, You touch on many issues in this discussion. In the past, education has favored the student with great skill in short term memory. In America we call it learning for the test. You have accurately observed that this has little value unless the short term memory is transferred to long term. The sooner the student integrates learning to real life applications, the more successful they will be in college and life. I favor group projects where slow students are grouped with fast and each student gets an individual score and a group score. In life we do not always get to work with people that are as bright as we are. We must learn to deal with many diverse people to be successful in life. The future is creativity vs. repetitive as in the industrial age. We need autonomous ethical people that quickly integrate with different disciplines to resolve complex challenges. Love & Peace, Deborah


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