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Doing Research in a Networked World

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Cherry Mathew Philipose

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Teaching Assistant/PhD Research Scholar

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The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad

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Hyderabad, India

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Teachers, Researchers

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The session will discuss how the Internet and the social networks available through it are redefining the way in which research is carried out in today's world.

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There was a time in which doing research was a daunting task. In the new, Internet enabled world in which we live, this has changed a lot. Researchers are forming learning networks across the board and are gaining out of the social learning aspect of the read and write web. This presentation will look at this from an Indian researchers' perspective.

ELT research in India is a happening field and a handful of Indian universities host a whole lot of ELT researchers. Using the Internet, researchers are able to extend their reach beyond the parameters of the university and collaborate with other researchers in their field at national as well as at international level.

Taking cues from the presenter's own professional development story and research experiences this presentation will discuss the ways in which the potential in the networked world is tapped into by today's researchers for taking their studies forward.

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