Educational Leadership: Creating the Conditions for Passion and Innovation

Name: Chris Wejr @chriswejr

Work Title: Principal

School Name: Kent Elementary School, Fraser-Cascade School District

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: British Columbia, Canada

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): administrators, teachers, staff

Short Session Description: Chris will discuss how he and other administrators are creating the conditions for teachers/staff to have the time and resources to learn, explore, and connect within the school day to encourage passion and innovation. Click here to enter the session.

Full Session Description:  People are often critical of schools and teachers for the lack of innovation and ability to keep up with new ideas and practices. Unfortunately, the system in which we work provides very little to encourage innovation with almost zero time and resources available for teachers and staff to be curious, play, collaborate, connect and learn.  Therefore, if we want teachers to be innovative, this often has to occur on their own time.  Chris will share a few ideas on how some schools are providing more time and resources to staff so they can work together to innovate and explore their passions. Go to the slideshare page to access the slides for the session.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

Creating Time for Teachers to Tinker With Ideas

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In the discussion portion, I would love to hear from other schools on how they are creating the conditions for teachers and staff to have more time to reflect, tinker and be innovative.

Hi Chris

Hope you pick a time for your session that works in my time zone! 


:-) I Hope I did... it is noon Pacific Time on Saturday... might be a little late for you but hope you can make it!

This looks like a fantastic discussion. Far too often, passion and innovation are demanded but the conditions for them not created. Teachers are no different to students, the conditions need to be right... and they so often aren't.

My thoughts exactly, Sam.  So frustrating to hear that "teachers need to do____" but very little support is given to make this happen.  I look forward to the dialogue during this session!

I hope I attend it, as it will be 22.00 my time. or 20.00GMT. It looks as an interesting topic, even though I am not a principle, I am very intersting in how you help your teachers to be moer inovated? Teachers do lots of work at home, on their own time as you said, some are more passionate, some not.  I know as I see it everyday. I try to be innovated as much as I can so, I do wonder how to make collegues more active and passionate about new methods and technology? Looking forward to your session.

Hi Chris,

I'd like to attend your session, but I can't find the link to the time and day. I'm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. GMT -3, Would you give me a hand please?

Ah, missed this one... it is on in 30 minutes.  Sorry for not replying! 


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