Session Title:  Educators as Social Networked Learners

Your Name:  Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.

Work Title:  Adjunct Professor

School or Organization Name: Boise State, Walden, Western Governors’, and American Intercontinental Universities.

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Language in Which I Will Present: English

Target Audience(:  All educators who use or want to use social networks for professional development.

Short Session Description:  Learn how to leverage social media and networks to engage in personalized, relevant, just-in-time professional development.

Link to the Session:

Session Time:  1PM ET; 12 PM CT; 11PM CT; 10PM PT

Full Session Description:

I designed and teach a course entitled, The Social Networked Learner, for the Boise State University’s EdTech Program.  The course description reads:

This course explores collaborative and emergent pedagogies, tools, and theory related to the use of social networks in learning environments. Participants gain hands-on experience with a variety social networking tools, create their own personal learning networks, and have an opportunity to develop a social-networked course for their learners.

The ideas, content, and exercises presented in this course are driven by two basic tenets:

  1. We are living, learning, and educating in an information-rich (Shirky), connected (Siemens), creative (Florida), participatory (Jenkins) culture.

  2. This culture is seeing growth, development, and evolution of information and technology as never seen before in the history of  humankind.  As such, educators need to become learners along with being teachers.  Educators, in this age of teaching and learning, have a responsibility to connect with, learn from and with, and share resources and information with their students and other educators both locally and globally.

This session will provide an overview of the course assignments along with the artifacts produced by the course students:

  • Set Up Course Social Networking Areas and Sites

  • Communities of Practice, Connectivism, Personal Learning Networks: Resource Identification

  • Communities of Practice, Connectivism, Personal Learning Networks: Creative Understandings

  • Social Media for Professional Development & Reputation Management

  • Real Time and Live Professional Development

  • Positive Digital Footprint and Reputation Management Plan

  • Curation: Criteria for Quality Curation

  • Curation: Curated Topic

  • Building Your Personal Learning Network

  • Social Media Policies and Your Own Online Communities

  • Synthesis and Application of Social Networking Tools and Ideas

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