I'm part of a committee at my school that is looking at flexible or hybrid schedules for high school. Does anyone know of models that use a mix of virtual and classroom learning environments? Any direction or assistance you can provide would be appreciated.

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This is a great idea! I'm sorry I don't have any resources for you but let me ask other staff members at the schools I work with and see if they can contribute. My kids and I talked about it a while back and half jokingly considered it as an option for some of the students who have been on home arrest and the ones who have mental health issues they're struggling with. If I find anyone willing to share information would you mind if I direct them to you?

There is an school of that type the address is http://2teach4.com/ maybe you can use.

Thank you!  I will.

We were working toward this model when I was at Virtual High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our thoughts were to have students come in to a brick and mortar location --it was a designated area that had internet access (we have extensive junior college centers all over the city) one or two days a week and work from home the other days. These centers were to be manned by teachers or tutors.

 We did have in place a synchronous (such as illuminate) tool and had the students all come on line once a week for lessons. What I did find helpful was to schedule office hours and have the students check in once a week along with the required weekly online session.

Because of the 24-7 nature of our town we scheduled the online sessions at different times in the evening or early afternoon. Our teachers did not have to come in to our base very often--usually once or twice a week depending on whether they were new and if we needed to have face-to-face meetings. Adjunct faculty members had required online meetings once a week.


You speak in past tense.  Is the project still functional?  I have family in LV, and would like to visit site if possible.

No virtual high school is still in operation as a part of CCSD's program. However, a new administration has changed a number of things and not implemented many of our original suggestions. They still do synchronous (albeit it has become voluntary) and asynchronous education but decided not to implement any of the "brick and mortar"  help sessions. There are a number of charter online schools available in our area too. Each has its own venue.

Thanks so much for the info. If you come across any others please let me know.



        I had the pleasure of participating in a hybrid online/classroom general chemistry 2 course a couple of years ago.  All the course material (annotated and narrated power point presentations instead of in class lectures and all materials were handed in online) was on blackboard.  There were in person help sessions available to fill in the gaps in the online lectures and all lab work was obviously done on campus.

        Due to several factors this was an extremely difficult and stressful course for everyone involved (students and instructor)

1 - This was a completely new concept for us and very much a collaborative effort amongst the eight people and the professor.

2 - The teacher was allowed way to small a period of time to get the material ready for the course and was consistently having all grading and material done late or just in time.

3 - In hindsight the choice of general chemistry 2 for a pilot hybrid may have been a bad one.  An intro chem or a lower level physics course with a lab would be more appropriate.  It's just that what we were working on was very tough.


       All in all I think that the course was a great idea and, for me anyway, a doubly effective learning experience.  It increased the convenience and immersion/exposure available to me in my learning (due to the combination of in person and online formats) and got me to a level of comfort with technology that has greatly inproved my ability to learn whatever I want and be a better teacher.




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