From teacher networked learning to transformation in your classroom

Work Title: Teacher and Coordinator of Webheads in Action

School or Organization Name: HCT Al Ain Men’s College KBZAC, Al Ain, UAE

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Area of the World from Which You Will Present: United Arab Emirates

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Teachers who consider themselves as master learners

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SUNDAY Oct 13 1400 GMT
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Opportunities for open learning have presented teachers with a myriad of opportunities for almost daily global interaction.  This presentation discusses how this contributes to inculcating 21st century critical and networking skills in students.

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The Reform Symposium Conference is but one of a myriad of events taking place almost constantly now where teachers have opportunities for meeting in online spaces and sharing information and expertise with one another.  Steve Hargadon and Shelly Terrell are two of many involved in a firehose of events that have been taking place with increasing frequency, in their case only weeks apart. The MOOC concept, whether xMOOC or cMOOC, provides steady often overlapping opportunities for deeper, more prolonged engagement not only with niche topics, but more importantly with others interested in those niches.  Google Hangouts on Air now make it possible for anyone to simulcast an event, and many do, extending invitations to colleagues in a mushroom field of communities.  It seems there is something of this nature going on every minute, and social media is working virally to spread the word among educators.  

Stepping back to a wider perspective on this phenomenon, what is going on every minute is networked, connectivist learning.  Every minute!

Open education, driven by learners connecting with other learners, is taking place around the clock, around the globe, in countless free spaces, bound only by the amount of time participants can make to engage and absorb the knowledge inherent in their networks. The possibilities this unleashes are only starting to be realized by the brick and mortar establishment. Not that we should quit our daytime jobs any time soon, but we should certainly rethink them.


This presentation will draw on present circumstances to inform how we might rethink our role as educators, or perhaps more importantly, encourage others to follow our example. The presenter has been involved in coordinating two virtual communities that have been interacting and learning from one another daily for the past decade.  These communities are Webheads in Action and EVO, Electronic Village Online, both of which have converged in an online space called Learning2gether, where weekly seminars are organized by participants for helping each other learn throughout their wider networks.

This presentation will show through representative examples how participants in these networks acquire the tools for re-thinking how they engage their students.  Networked learning is ineffable in that it must be experienced to be understood, and those without that experience have difficulty grasping a full range of its affordances. As the behavior of participants in online networked learning changes, so their teaching styles change, and the better they are able to model for their students characteristics of what they find most effectively leads to their learning what they want to know in an increasingly interconnected world.

This presentation will be developed as one of those examples, as a model for community-based learning, with participants at the session being cases in point.  In helping us reflect on our WOW or aha! moments that brought us here to RSCON, we can consider how we might help colleagues transform their world of learning, and how they can help their students acquire equally productive strategies.

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This presentation is being developed at Vance's Blog in this post


check there for updates

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