Fun family activities to do without spending tons of money

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A new piece titled ‘FUN FAMILY ACTIVITIES TO DO WITHOUT SPENDING TONS OF MONEY ’ has just been posted on Inspired Parenting.

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Please forward this post on to friends and family interested in raising happy, successful children.

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I am creating a website that can be fun to do as a family. You will learn how to ask questions and about art history. is the site. Look at it first and then get some art supplies if you do not already have them. Contact me if possible so I can learn how this impacts you and your family.
Sounds like a fabulous idea! Will take a look.

Claire, I am going back to see what is happening to the different groups I have worked with.

I am afraid that I did not give you the address of the art history website. So, here it is.  I do hope you take a look and have some fun with the micro lessons. If you do find that the site and information works for your family I would like to hear from you.

Katherine Bolman


Some time ago I posed a request asking people to review website

I would like to know if the site is useful to students, teachers and parents.

I hope parents and children could have fun learning something new as well as making something after finishing a micro lesson.

If you go to 1. Egypt you will find a video clip of a fly over an Egypt as it was when those huge pillars if full color.


I would like to know if this is inspiring to parents, children, and history and social studies teachers. will reach me.



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