i wonder what would be the future of education in the university and colleges ? . Students look around there is lot of changes around in the education field. The innovation of science and technologies has changed our lifestyle and no doubt it has changed our education and learning behavior.

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There was a recent article in Education Week states how poorly colleges are preparing future teachers. I believe one of the changes will be a completely revised curriculum.

Joseph Tramontana

As technology is advancing rapidly , so is education. In the recent past, technology has taken initiative to change the dimension of education. Previously by education, we meant reading thick books, writing notes page after page, getting bored, etc etc. But now education is fun with technology and it is going to be much more enjoyable in the coming future.Now students from kids to old are getting digitalised. Therefore, it can be said that the future of education is very bright and it will become a digitalised future.

The quality of learning through technology has really increased over the years.  I think this will be the wave of the future.  It allows colleges to expand their revenue base without having to expand their facilites.

Joseph Tramontana


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