Global Education for All: The Effect of Mobile TechEd on Learners in Developing Countries

Presenter: Diana Gross, Global Educator & National Geographic Traveler of the Year

Organization: Global Citizen Media

Area of the World: USA/ Cambodia

Language: English 

Target Audience(s): Teachers, Technology Coordinators, Administrators, Educational Policy & Design Leaders, and International Education Organization workers

Short Session Description: 

Join Diana Gross, a National Geographic Traveler of the Year, as she shares the lessons learned by traveling the globe to digitally connect students and teachers by bringing mobile technology and training to underserved communities. 

Full Session Description:

How can we involve ALL Global Citizens into our Global Education programs?

In 2011, Diana embarked on a journey with only an iPad2, iPhone4, and a MacBook Air to visit some of the most remote areas in the world and experiment their ability to be used by individuals in order to create their own videos, photo stories and blogs. Traveling through Russia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam Myanmar, Malaysia, and 10 other countries, Diana conducted workshops with teachers and students to teach them how to tell their own stories to the world. 

In Mongolia, students Skyped for the first time with students in the United States, determined to change the outdated stereotype of Mongolians being uncivilized and uneducated nomadic people.

In the Mae La Oon Burmese refugee camp, Hsa Gay Poh and his classmates created a video entirely on the iPad about decreased food rations for the 15,000 camp residents. The video now has over 11,000 views on YouTube

In Cambodia, Sopha Pech and his classmates created two award-winning videos that earned them a $10,000 grant to fund a media education program. Sopha now researches and recreates famous paintings in Cambodian-style, photographs them and blogs about it on his Edublog website:

These first-time media makers have succeeded in creating simple, yet poignant award-winning videos, photo stories and blogs that have over 45,000 online views, earned grant funding, and screened at international film festivals.

What lessons can we learn from them?

This session will share the student projects, the processes they used to create them, hurdles they overcame to succeed, and explore how we can effectively include these newfound voices into our global education initiatives. 

Please join Diana for a Twitter chat following the session by using the hashtags #EdTech4All and #RSCON 

Websites for Further Information about the Program:

Global Citizen Media:

Diana's Travel Blog:

National Geographic Article:

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