I'm looking for some input on the following question: How do we keep our cultural identity in a global education system?

I am taking a Leadership and Globalization class and would love to receive some input. Thank you in advance!

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Dear Jayme,

I will do my best on a subject I feel qualified to address. I have 2B International Contacts across 4-6 platforms. I have a mission to establish Peace on Earth by 2027. My formula is: Entertainment + Education + Prosperity = Peace.

Cultural Diversity is a huge subject and is involved in all Organizations. Let's look at religion. I am a member of Vienna Presbyterian Church. It has been active for over 150 years in Vienna, Virginia (near Washington, DC). We still have the original building but the Congregation has changed. I watched as people joined from many different religions & backgrounds. We now have over 2,500 members now. We handle this with groups of common interest. One that is coming up which I love is a meeting, dinner, for 9 people. This is not required so until the day it happens we don't know how many people will get involved. We have very wealthy to just hanging on and we have kids in High School that join with parents that are not members and don't attend any church.

All businesses today deal with multiple cultures. Whatever you are selling, product or service, if you want to reach a culture you need to recruit someone to work for you who understands the culture. In Arlington, Va. we have a Public School System that handles students from 90+ cultures & languages and we are proud to say well over 90% graduate high school and get some post secondary education. Washington, DC has people here from all over the world so you never know who you might see if you go to dinner. Food is another great way to learn cultures.

I was born in Johnstown, Pa. near Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has held a cultural awareness day for over 75 years. People come dressed as the ancestors of their country would be. They bring food typical of where their roots were. Some play music, sing, and dance. Everyone gets along. Everyone tastes at least one thing on each table so as not to insult anyone. I like this.

I worked for IBM in the 70s. During that period we were pressured over doing business with South Africa. Stockholders wanted to withdraw any investments there. IBM answered that we carried out the same equal opportunity for hiring as in any other country. IBM said that if we left we would take away the only opportunity that some blacks would have to escape poverty. I agreed with that.

I got both my degrees online with Colorado Technical University. I went back to school over the age of 50. I was born in 1949 and had most of an Associates degree in 2004, my bachelor's in 2005, and my master's in 2006. I enjoyed having teachers and classmates from all over the world. I loved doing group projects but most students hated them? It is the future.

I hope I have helped. Let me know how you do. Try ;posting in G+. It is very easy to use and free.

Love & Peace, Deborah 


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