We are three Finnish educators presenting a paper on social media and stories of learning at ITK (a Finnish conference) in April 2010. We have a bilingual Finnish - English blog where we would welcome your comments and stories about learning in the digital age. Has learning changed, how? Please comment!

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In the past few years, the way of adopting education has changed a lot. Students are now more comfortable with the latest trends like online learning, mobile-learning, etc. Educators of this gen also accepts the changing paradigm of education and molds their teaching process to make education fun for students. 

Technology will be become more prevalent over the coming years with the ability to deliver a quality education at a reasonable cost.  The ability to leverage top teachers through technology will have a profound effect on student learning.

Joseph Tramontana has served as School Business Administrator and Director of Human Resources in Hamilton New Jersey.

Joseph Tramontana

What I think is important to note is that both students and teachers are realizing that many classes do not have sufficient link with the real world, especially in terms of what the real world will be expecting of people. See for instance http://www.thnk.org/2014/02/the-future-of-education/ that has a great quote from a highschool student...  “I don’t think later in my job the CEO will give a lecture and then put a test in front of me to see how much I remembered.”


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