Session Title: Have Erasmus+, will travel: The new opportunity for free PD in Europe

Your Name: Anne Fox

Work Title: Freelance teacher trainer (ICT, language and intercultural communication), coach and project partner

School or Organization Name: Freelance

Co-Presenter Name(s): None

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Denmark, Europe

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Any employee of an education or training organisation based in one of the 28 EU countries

Short Session Description (one line): Introduction to the opportunities for almost free professional development in EU countries other than your own

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): 

This session will be about how you could get virtually free PD by travelling to another EU country to take part in a course or other activity such as work-shadowing.

January 2014 marked the start of a new 7 year EU programme to enable educational professionals to attend courses and other PD events across Europe. The new Erasmus+ programme is very different to its predecessor up to 2013 and I will go through some of these new features and how they might benefit you and your organisation. In particular I want to highlight:

  • The increase in funding available
  • The widened access (not just teachers are eligible)
  • The strategic approach

This session will not concentrate on the technical aspects of applying for funding but on the changed mindset that this new funding stream represents and how this could benefit you as an individual teacher and your organisation.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

URL to a Slides or a Video Showcasing Your Presentation Skills: 

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Hello Anne,

this is a presentaion of my interest. Super. I just hope it doesn't collide with my session :)

I will definitelly come. I have been coordinating Comenius project in my school for 2 years. I will have a short talk on that #RSCON5, but Erasmus+ are still some new, but also similar activities I woudl like to be more informed on. See you

Hi Marijana, thanks so much for dropping by!

I think I saw your session scheduled as I was looking to see if anyone had had the same idea as me. I am now booked for Sunday 18.30 CET. It was very difficult to decide which was the best time. I know that I just wanted to avoid the World Cup final!!! And you have reminded me that it would be a good idea to cross reference your session during mine even though yours would have been operated under the previous LLL programme.

Oh no, I cannot make it then as my son Filip is having his talk about Minecraft at the same time :). I need to be with him and actually we will do it from my laptop together. I didn't realize this could happen. Anyway, I will listen to the recording and would like to get in contacts with you later.

Thank you

Oh dear that is a pity but as you say you can access the recording later and we can certainly keep in touch.


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