Like many of you, my goal is to initiate, coach, cultivate, educate, advocate and facilitate digital technology.

I am an advocate of project base learning, eLearning, technology-based teaching methods and preparing students for the 21st century, i.e., digital-age literacy, effective communication and inventive thinking, work ethic, collaboration, social responsibility, critical thinking and problem-solving. Teaching our students to be imaginative and original, entrepreneurs, designers, inventors are also 21st century skills--- integrate the 21st Century Skills into the existing lessons, into the academic standards, into the curriculum instruction, and into the assessment systems of our schools.
As an information technologist, I teach the integration of information technology in the New York City Department of Education. My students and I are adapting the Web 2.0 tools.

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Hi Roslyn, I encourage you to visit the
and view the way we use maps, and diagrams, to illustrate strategies that might make learning, mentoring and extra adult support in all of the poverty neighborhoods of Chicago. This thinking applied in all big cities. The challenge is engaging adults, particularly leaders who don't yet use the internet much for learning. Hope you'll take a look since this affects kids in your city as much as mine.

I am also comparatively new here and hope to pick up various techniques which are employed by many across the globe.


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