Session Title: Guiding students online 

Name: Leo JC

Work Title: FEO e-book 1

School or Organization Name: Face English Online

Co-Presenter Name(s): One of the 5 educators mentioned bellow - to be confirmed

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Juiz de Fora, MG/Brazil

Language in Which You Will Present: English or Portuguese

Target Audience(s): Online Educators and Students

Short Session Description: A group of educators organizing links for students 

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: Facebook Page and Blog

URL to a Slides or a Video Showcasing Your Presentation Skills: FEO e-book

Full Session Description:

The group FEO - Friends, Helpers & Doers on Facebook allowed FEO e-book 1’s creation.

The constantly updated e-book, built on Google Docs, suggests specific links about vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation for the basic students of English.

Far from intending to be a complete language course, the e-book aims at incentivating students to learn and practise English online, by suggesting links recommended by English teachers. 

In 2014, Face English Online, the main blog, was launched.  

Nowadays, the 5 English teachers mentioned bellow look for more educators to border the online project by not only implementing e-book 1 but also co-building e-book 2.

Leo JC

Danilo Pereira

Ahmed Al-Qadhi

Rosana Baraldi

Chaouki M'kaddem

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