How do you ensure that students learn all the important concepts at home?

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We are working to bring flipped classroom model to India and facing certain challenges.

Teachers and Principal are not convinced about students learning the right thing at home from the video and missing out on key concepts while trying to learn at home.

We are planning to attach flash cards to video lectures but unsure if this is the right solution.

How can we address this challenge? Any ideas or advice will help.



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My question is why are you presenting a lecture that contains concepts that are not key?

If your introduction outlines the key concepts, then your material explains the key concepts and your wrap-up reviews the key concepts, there shouldn't be any confusion.

Use on-screen titling for the key terms and use basic graphics/whiteboard drawings for illustrations of key concepts.

Testing. If you have 30 students in a class you have from 5 - 30 speeds & methods of how well they comprehend. Now that we have individual computers it is easy to present 10-15 minutes of a subject and then ask questions about the content. I think some students will need to repeat several times before getting it right but I also think it is more important to understand a concept than to keep up with a faster student.


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