How To Be aCreative Teacher please let us discuss this topic

the most important question that we must ask our selves as teachers is : how to be creative teachers ?
there are 4 kinds of teachers :
1- abad teacher tells
2- an average teacher explains
3- agood teacher demonstrates
4- an excellant teacher inspires

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During my teaching career of 15 years , I have realised that there is no standard method of teaching . Everyday a new challenge comes forward for helping a different learner.Yes, an excellent teacher inspires. We as teachers are required to create self learning and joyful learning environments for students. It is well said that creativity can be enhanced provided there is a will. Well as a teacher devising teaching strategies to satisfy all kinds of learners itself is creative.
dear rashmi kathuria : you can not imagine my happiness when i received your response to discuss my suggestion .
the most teachers task is to create an independent learner especially in this era of knowlege explosion . we must teach our students strategies of learning . the most famous strategy is ( sq3r ) strategy . s means ( survey ) q means ( question ) 3r the first ( r ) read the second review the third recall . those are simplest strategy of fruitful reading for studuts or readers generally .
There is much to being creative. The first thing that I find I must always do is remind my self not to be afraid of making a fool of my self with my students! Trying something new and sharing that experience can be a tool to encourage my students to be creative.
Next for me is that students do not like risk! They want clear and concise instructions on how to get the grade! I tell them and show them through action that taking a risk will not destroy their grade! Thus commitment to the learning process is important to me and then to them...

In designing assignments and class activity I try and allow the students to express what is important to them. Inspiration and Creativity often come from a personal place.

To inspire students we must also be inspired. Creativity is not an end result it is a process.
I could go on and on but this is enough for now...

I will jump back in later... When I an a bit more Creative.

I would encourage those interested in Creativity to read Creativity by Csikszentmihali
Also, look at creative people and talk with them... How do they define creativity... I do this often by interviewing people that I believe are creative.

Some times i have my students do the interviews!
While working on my Ed. D (Now just ABD) I took this class that was the best at thinking about and being creative! this is the link:
dear david armstrong : iread your correct suggestions about creativity & i appreciate them . one of extinguished definitions to creativity is to change what is normal to what is abnormal & on the contrary . so there is not any standard approach or method of teaching can be generalized to all teaching situations because you treat with most complicated creature which is human .


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