How to turn your Learning Management System into an online playground.

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How to turn your Learning Management System into an online playground.

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Sylvia Guinan

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Online English teacher, blogger and writer.

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Sylvia's English Online 

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English Teachers but is suitable for all teaching subjects

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The power of harnessing learning management systems to inspire fun, creativity, and brain-friendly learning while making a difference in the larger scheme of things.

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I've been doing a lot of research and practice into learning management systems and collaborative learning recently, and I'm inspired by the 'hidden benefits' of global platforms for social/emotional learning, interactivity through multi-media and how novel experiences enhance creativity and lateral thinking.

There are psychological factors to do with sharing, 'aha' moments, and insights that naturally evolve in the right circumstances and build ongoing momentum for a class, a blended learning set-up, global collaboration between schools, or massive online courses.

The humanistic element is naturally inherent in this type of planning and can bring lasting change and inter-cultural understanding.



Learning management systems give us  the power to facilitate groups of learners asynchronously and reach out across the world.


But what does that really mean? 


What does it entail?


How far can imagination take you?

How can it be streamlined, simple and build up its own momentum?


I will explore these questions while giving examples of:


- simple learning management systems

- creative activities that empower learners

- social and emotional glue to inspire

- promoting  transformative learning outcomes

- promoting peace, inclusiveness and humanistic connectivity regardless of 'what' you teach.

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I have own personal website and blog, and I also blog for an online platform called WizIQ.

A lot of my relevant articles are on WizIQ so I'm adding this link also and a pinterest link to related articles.


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