Session Title: Ice Breakers and Warm Ups for All Ages

Your Name: Faisal Ibrahim Kasim Al Shamali

Work Title: ELT Lecturer

School or  Organization Name: Ibri College of Technology, Oman

Co- Presenters Name(s): Hermine Grigoryan, EL Teacher, Armenia

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Oman, Jordan and Armenia Language in Which You Will Present: English Language

Target Audience(s): Teachers and Teacher Trainers

Short Session Description:  It will be about the characteristics of ice breakers and warm ups with more stress on some thoughts on learning, principles of brain/mind-based learning, a community of learners, etc.  It will shed more lights on authentic ice breaker and warm up activities. In short, it will help the participants create their owns which will suit their students’ level, needs, interests and abilities.

Full Session Description (As Long as You Like):  The co-presenters will quote Chris Cotter words about ice breakers and warm ups "Teachers give less attention than it should be for ice breakers and warm ups. Instead, they spend too much time preparing worksheets and handouts to introduce and practice the target language or they enter the classes unprepared for the five or ten minutes" This  session will be a loud shout to say goodbye for photocopying worksheets and say a big HI to something more fun and pull games out of their bags of tricks. It’s not like this but it’s a well planned, effective ice breaker and warm up offers more towards the lesson than just a bit of fun. Ice breakers and warm ups set the tone of the class. They raise energy levels. They get the students into “English Mood”. They serve as springboards into the target language of the lesson. They allow teachers to sit back, observe, and assess students’ abilities. They open class discussion. Well, the co- presenters will discuss some thoughts on learning, principles of brain/mind-based learning, a community of learners, summary of learning theories, characteristics of Ice breakers and warm ups: Must, Should and Can. They will shed more lights on: why, how and when teachers use them. By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

1-    Define and distinguish between ice breakers and warm ups.

2-    List the reasons for using ice breakers and warm ups.

3-    Identify best practices, including when and how to use.

4-    Create a list of some examples of each.

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