Education is the key to participation in the global economy of the 21st century, and it should help to build societies that are fair and just for all their citizens, that respect universal values of democracy and human rights, whose development will be equitable and sustainable. Education has the crucial role of promoting democracy and building tolerant societies so as to bring about a world where all peoples can live in peace and harmony, and where diversity is respected.

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We occasionally ask ourselves: what should we be doing with regard to Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century.

Here's one approach:

The Singularity University teaches the adoption of innovation via exponential technologies: article in Nature.

Most provocative quote:

"The twenty-first century won't see 100 years of advancement at year-2000 rates, but a mind boggling 20,000 years of progress."
AH! You hit the nail on the head. Diversity is appreciated by positive people and seen as a threat by negative people. Now when I say negative I mean these people are usually not well educated and usually do not make much income. It is easy to be accepting when you feel very secure but when you see others as competition it is not so easy.
The key to getting people to see education in a positive light is to get them to understand that the more education a population has the more they can expand their economy which is good for everyone (except corrupt dictators and their friends).
Yes its true. And Education is most important for every one to survive independently.


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