Internet Parental Control Blocks the Word 'Gay' - Is this Justifiable?

Many parents and educators turn to internet controls to ensure their
kids don't run into any harmful or inappropriate content. However, one
security suite, CA Internet, has also blocked the word "gay," and from
my point of view, I find that this is taking keyword blocking way too

Do you think blocking the word 'Gay' is justified in this case? Or is this just
another sign on homophobia in our society?

You can find the full article here.

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Hey Kiwi,

Since we do not know what the other keywords were, it may be premature to accuse anyone of being homophobic.

I have friends and relatives that live wonderful lives. They happen to be GAY! WHO CARES?

If I were designing a program to provide protected searches, the word GAY would be included, along with a hundred other terms that are frequently used for pornographic web sites.

I don't feel that your concern is justified.

Hi John,

I see your point of view in blocking terms that could potentially be used in searching for pornographic websites, but that can also include an array of terms that could mean almost anything. So where do we draw the line? My issue with an internet security suite blocking the term "gay" (and not allowing users to unblock the term) is that if a child is innocently doing research, or even questioning his or her sexuality and cannot search the term "gay," does it not affect the child negatively? Does it not tell the child that there are negative connotations to being "gay?"

Maybe I am jumping the gun a bit on this one, but I strongly believe that educating a child about Internet safety issues is any parent or teacher's best bet and blocking terms that could stop them from using the Internet as a resource tool does nothing when trying to build their wealth of knowledge.
Dear Kiwi,

I agree.

Dear Kiwi,

Parents have a right to influence their kids development in blocking the "gay" word. You probably are not aware that quite a number of kids are approached by gay people and through that experience non genetic gays turn into practicing gays. I do not care what people do in their bedrooms, but I do care for the information
on how genetically straight kids become gay should be available to parents. The early exposure creates a long lasting effect.


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