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Please add information and links here to other resources that you find particularly valuable in thinking about the future of education--websites, groups, mailing lists, conferences, etc. Be sure to tell us a little bit about them and what kind of support they provide or could use.

Lucy Gray nas already started a separate discussion on books, which you can find here.

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Steve invited me to talk about Fireside Learning, which is a similarly-focused network, a place for educational conversations. Looks like we'll have "sister networks" going, with Future of Learning becoming perhaps a "stadium event" and Fireside being a place to put your feet up by the fire, have a cup of cocoa, toast some marshmallows while talking about what's on your mind regarding education. In both places, conversations really matter. Sharing our thoughts and perspectives--in the global community of educators--ultimately can add up to movement towards change in a field that really needs some attention right now. It's about voice, and joining together.

Please visit Fireside and add your thoughts there, too.
I'll just add my few cents worth - there are lots of spaces for gimmicks, gadgets, and gung-ho enthusiasm, and CR2 is a fabulous exemplar. And we need those spaces for the how-to's, and the what-if's and the exchange of classroom notes("this is how I did it" and "this is how I'd do it next time").
There's not many spaces for the "What am I doing when I call it education...? questions. Fireside has been a great place where for the past year or so we've tried to tease out these kind of questions. And there's plenty of other stuff too, but mainly we're embracing more meta-level questions. Well, that's what I think. Come over, have look, prove me wrong. Decades ago, I might have put a shrimp on the barbie for you; now it's cocoa and toasted marshmallows (Connie won't even run to mulled wine!). It looks like here will be another (although Future's looking a little too much like an Obama advisory panel for this Australian! We'll see.)
And we need all the discussion we can get about What is education, what should it be, and how does school, learning, teaching, students and teachers fit into all that? I gather formal philosophy of education has fallen on hard times, rather like history and philosophy of science. Whilst that state of affairs exists technical solutions will be provided for inadequately envisioned purposes and no one will be able to explain why the emperor is feeling cold.
So, rock "Future", roll "Fireside"! Let's be reflective and practising practioners. (And thanks to RSS we can readily keep tabs on the lot!)
I would recommend participating in the forum of the new group "Educating for Human Greatness" at...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Edutopia is the magazine, Web site, and video documentaries published by The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF). Founded in 1991 by filmmaker George Lucas, the Foundation documents and disseminates information about exemplary programs in K-12 schools to help spread these practices nationwide. A nonprofit organization, GLEF serves their mission through the creation of media: films, books, documentaries, the magazine Edutopia, e-newsletters, and
...With the goal of having educators and parents, as well as business and community leaders involved in making change in education, the Edutopia resources show best practices in many different ways. The magazine goes in-depth into the issues, the documentary films provide real world examples, and the Web site gives the practical tools, tips, and how to's. Detailed articles, short documentaries, interviews, research summaries, and links to hundreds of relevant Web sites, books, organizations, and publications help schools and communities visualize what these innovations look like and build on successes in education. This multifaceted approach is unique in education and allows anyone with an interest in education to understand the issues and get involved.
Edutopia's editorial agenda is based on its 10-point Big Ideas for Better Schools:
Engage: Project-Based Learning
Connect: Integrated Studies
Share: Cooperative Learning
Expand: Comprehensive Assessment
Coach: Intellectual and Emotional Guide
Learn: Teaching as Apprenticeship
Adopt: Technology
Reorganize: Resources
Involve: Parents
Include: Community Partners


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