New free teacher professional develop resource - need feedback and suggestions

Hi Everyone,

I am part of a team that has been developing a free resource for teachers in any discipline called Learning to Teach Online. We have been funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council to design and develop this resource. Basically is it about showcasing best online teaching practice in a range of disciplines, and also investigating different online pedagogical issues by interviewing a diverse range of real teachers.

We have only just released our first 'episodes' and would love to hear feedback from teachers out there as to their use, and possible impact. Do you like them? Are they useful for you? What else would you like to see covered? That type of thing....

If you are interested in taking a look, please visit

We'd love to get your feedback here or in our official feedback forum here.

Thanks very much, hope to get some good feedback from teachers in the field!

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You might be interested in directing your constituency to the below teaching methods and reform effort in teacher education.

Tony Manzo

Or our newest site featuring advanced teaching methods for and concerns ofProfessional Teachers: 


Anthony V.Manzo Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri-KC,&

Director of TheCenter for the Study of Higher Literacy, 

Governor,Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program; 

(ret.) California State University-Fullerton(


Thank you as it was helpful. Im one-on-one tutor who like to take online classes recently.
Thanks very much Sophica. Appreciate your comments and glad it was useful for you...

I forgot to mention that I developed a very customized system for teaching online over 30 years ago. It is based on brief writing. It reduces idle chat and works on cogent and complex thinking. It is called REAP and more recently iREAP (Manzo, Manzo, Albee, 2002). You can find a quick description at: ://

This quest to identify actual Best Practices in Online Teaching is very pioneering. As I mentioned before the entire education industry, here and globally needs to get this elementary step done to really qualify as a profession. Oh, I see that I can upload a file. Here it is.


Tony Manzo

Very great post


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