Hi folks! I was writing a paper about terror on the Internet and found the following guys offering on-line courses http://www.idmap.net/courses/programs.php. They sound quite convincing the only problem is that I don't like on-line studies. Anyway, how can terror can be studied online? Has anyone done any online courses to share his/ her experience?

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My son unschooled rather than going to high school. He read the New York Times every day as a starting point and then used Wikipedia to explore anything in the Times stories that interested him. He was not focused on Terrorism, but I think this is a generically useful approach to learning online. Start with some primary online publication focused on your topic (terrorism in your case) and then use Wikipedia and other searchable repositories to explore areas of interest for more detail.

I think this learner-directed approach is an effective way to learn online. Trying to participate in an online course that is teacher-directed tends to be more complicated and less satisfying, in my experience.
I think this is a good thing that you are doing with your son. It would not work for everyone, though! I do not think any curriculum should be teacher directed, but at times, it does need to be "someone" guided!


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