Online Learning – Encouraging Learners of English to connect and to learn English actively

Session Title: Online Learning – Encouraging Learners of English to connect and to learn English actively

Your Name: Ika Sari L Wibowo

Work Title: English teacher

School or Organization Name: A teacher and an owner of NCEEC F 205 Indonesia

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Indonesia/Brazil

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): English Teachers and Learners

Short Session Description:

Learning English actively is one problem I often encounter in my students in Indonesia. That is why I try to encourage them to learn more actively, by connecting them through social media such as Facebook and Tumblr.

Full Session Description:


 I am living in a Non-English Speaking Country, Indonesia. Our mother tongue is “Bahasa Indonesia” and English has already been the second language in official. All of the schools in Indonesia give English Lesson to students. The students learn English from their early age. There is a number of English schools spreading all over Indonesia.


I have been teaching English for 7 years. However, I always find some problems, especially for High school students and College students. They are around 16 to 21 years old. It’s difficult for me to help them to be active learners. Most of them prefer being passive learners to being active learners. They seem scared, shy and even reluctant to speak up in English although they know how to ask and respond it.


This year in February, I had a chance to meet a great friend, Ann Loseva an English lecturer from Russia through social media. I asked her about how to make our teens or adults have more spirit and are more active in communicating with English. Then, Ann asked me to join a group, a Students Connected Group where our students can learn English together with other students from other Countries. I was very happy at that time. I had an idea to bring my students to a new environment in order to make them feel more confident to learn English actively. I realize that students are more interested learning English in a fun way and this way is fun, indeed.


In this group, I not only encourage my students in Indonesia but also other students from different countries as foreigner students are also feel the same as my students’. They make new friends and learn together about English. They join an online learning by having a small chat every Saturday evening. I guide them to discuss some topics I give. They enjoy that activity. They feel more confident to share their opinion in English.


My activities with my students in this group led me to make a new project called ‘The Beauties of World Cultures’. My first collaboration is still in progress with my friend, Rose Bard and her students in Brazil. I chose her as my first partner since our students have met each other through the Student Connected Group and the Saturday Splash chat, so that it is easier for us to do this project. Again, I use one of Social Medias to engage my students and Rose’s. Rose allows me and my students to write questions about her City Criciuma in her Tumbler then she guided her students to reply our questions. This project is more about writing in English.


By giving them those new ways in learning English, they got lots of changes in their English. They are more enthusiasts in learning English than before. Scared and shy to learn English actively are not big problems anymore.


Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:


This is the group where I bring my students to connect, share and learn English actively with English learners from other countries:



I wrote my activities related to encourage my students in learning English:



I asked Rose Bard to be my first partner in my project “The Beauties of World Cultures”:





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Hi Ika,

i am glad to see you here :) hoping we can share our experience on how ESL learners in South East Asia deal with the English language, and the challenges that we face? Greetings from sunny Malaysia! Best wishes, Anita

Thank you Anita Adnan. I'm glad to see you too. Of course we can share our experience about everything related to our activities as English Language Teacher in South East Asia. Looking forward to  the next discussion with you. Greeting from Indonesia. Ika


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